August 15th, 2019

The Passing of a Saint

It’s is with a very heavy heart that I share with you some very sad news. The world lost an angel and a saint with the passing of Pam Bowling. Having the opportunity to build this business with people like Pam and Tony Bowling is the greatest honor of my life but learning of Pam’s passing is without question one of the saddest moments I’ve ever experienced.

It’s a monumental loss for the world, because Pam was such a tremendous source of positivity. The world will truly never be the same place without her, but I hope she finds comfort in knowing the impact she made on this world will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved her so much. 

I’d like to share with you my last direct communication with a saint, in the hopes that it helps others who are coping with this tremendous loss. We love you so much Pam and will never forget the times we shared and the memories we made. 

My last communication with a Saint:

Pam, this is the hardest call or meeting I have ever done. Try as I will, I cannot make any sense out of this and I am lost trying to figure it out. There is no answer at the mortal-human level. I now accept that it is God’s plan and Will and he is calling you with a higher purpose. Obviously, you accept it, so I must respect your decision. The timing makes no sense to us, but I am reminded that a lifetime to us is but a second on God’s watch.

I reached so deep to make sense out of it that the thought that Tony needs you more than your being here with us occurs to me and it is a bad joke. I was so looking forward to the renaissance girls WOW moment and grand finale. Ultimately, we know nothing and yield to God’s will. I know now that we really know nothing more. 

So, let me say what I DO KNOW then!

We did a LOT, Pam. We did a lot and lived more in a year than most in a lifetime.

I KNOW that we love you so much!

I KNOW that we have the highest respect for you. The highest amount possible on the highest of all virtues.

I KNOW that you (and Tony) had the greatest impact on us of everyone .

I KNOW what your life meant and that it created and left a huge LEGACY. That Legacy is bigger than any of us and lives on forever. You and Tony were the best of all UnFranchise owners. 

And Pam, YOU are the Foil that protected the good we meant from the human errors we made and the human weaknesses we showed.

You have always been the GRACE and BALANCE.

My only regret is that we rushed through life and 28 years. But it was an amazing adventure and journey.

My only regret is that we should have taken more time to celebrate the moments, life, and each other. I am sorry we didn’t. When we started, we never thought about being here 28 years later and the speed of life became a blur. A moment in time is a treasure. 

If I didn’t say it enough, over the years, please let me say it now with all the intensity of my life force and consciousness: 
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being in our lives and caring so much!

We are GRATEFUL – eternally grateful!

Let there be no doubt or question that we would have not made it without your love, support, belief, and example! 

Tony coined the words that best personifies you: “A MIRACLE IN MOTION” 
WOW! You are a Miracle in Motion. Your life has been a miracle in motion.

JR and Loren Ridinger 

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