The Days of Clipping Coupons are Over!

SHOP.COM has so many built-in features to help our customers located the absolute best deals on the internet; there’s no need to clip coupons anymore! When you add in tools like ShopBuddy, it’s easy to see why people from all around the world are turning to SHOP.COM for their online shopping needs!

I love it when people contact me to share their SHOP.COM experiences with me, because it’s always nice to hear about the positive impact your business is having on the lives of others. Below you’ll find a great testimonial from Deb Waitt, who was able to save 42% just by shopping with SHOP.COM!

I love reading testimonials like this – that show just how easy it is to save big when you shop with SHOP.COM. If you’ve got a SHOP.COM success story you’d like to share with me, send me an email at! I always enjoy hearing from our Shop Consultants and Customers, so drop me a line and tell me about your experiences with SHOP.COM!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

Here’s Deb’s Message:

My order started out at $41.95, stuff on sale brought it down to $35.30. Then I applied my $$ and my total is $28.67. I also earned $1.77 toward next purchase and $2.83 in cashback to spend on ‘whatever’. All this was shipped to me for FREE. That’s at 42% savings off original total! And I used to clip coupons!

Love………..this is what i shared with friends on Facebook.

-Deb Waitt