July 15th, 2018

The Best Part of the Utopia IV Inaugural Voyage and Its Meaning

One of the highlights of the Utopia IV maiden voyage was the fact that Marc Ashley came along with his beautiful life partner Maria Checa – we finally got to spend quality time together, brainstorm, enjoy each other, and bond. (Marc/Maria, Loren and JR). When you think about the fact that we have spent over 26 years relentlessly building the business passionately and can’t differentiate work from play because we have fun and love the business, it was good to have quality time together and reflect.

In many ways, the Utopia IV maiden voyage is symbolically celebrating the culmination of residual income, the UnFranchise, and how far we have come to realize the fulfillment of an early dream. When Marc started with me (as well as Loren) he was just out of high school and inexperienced but full of expectation and hope. Loren was with me and infected with the dream and vision. They were in their late teens. A lot has happened since then and they have evolved and grown into world-class, incredible entrepreneurs and executives – beyond my wildest expectations. 

An ‘undiscussed’ and little-known phenomenon is that we are all handling separate responsibilities and are on separate channels, and do not talk or see each other daily because everyone is so tuned in to the common purpose and mission and have a quarter of a century of experience together. We have total confidence in each other and can read each other’s minds. As President, Marc has become an incredible entrepreneurial executive manager who runs operations and implements the plans. He is much better at it than I am.

As CEO, I’m more of the Entrepreneurial Visionary setting the direction and path and the company and the master/universal UFO and field leader. Loren is a genius marketer, investigator, and counselor to the team and field (Saint Mother Theresa). The three focuses and dedicated workflow come together miraculously to produce results, but we don’t get together often. But make no mistake about it, we kept up with the business from our digital office and didn’t miss a beat which is another demonstration and example of our relentless drive.

It wasn’t all play as we were also there to test the revolutionary Utopia IV and determine everything that had to be done before it is sent to the United States in August. It’s also impossible to put the 3 of us together and not generate a lot of genius epiphanies and business solutions. Creative sparks were flying! Additionally, it was topped off and equally productive by having a different executive team member in for a week a time which helped us make some great advances on the LDV and DNA lines with Amber and Duane. The grandkids will never forget it and the family experience was divine!

Marc was hesitant and resistant in coming because of the burden of responsibility on pressing projects and the fact that he had been in Asia for nearly a month prior. I pressured him and kind of talked him into it. I said, “Look we have been doing this for 26 years and the time and life are passing by and this is really a demonstration of residual income and the manifestation of a goal and dream I started with.”

We deserve it and especially YOU! By the way – no one works harder all the time than Marc Ashley and I feel a bit guilty as he has become more insane over success and work than I am. I told him “Call it leading by example by doing ‘living the DASH’ if you want. Anything that needs attention will be there when we get back, there will always be challenges, and we can handle most everything from our digital office and get a lot of brainstorming done and reboot and recharge at the same time.” He agreed to come for a week but I guess it was so good and what I said so true that he stayed for over three weeks! It was incredible and truly was a magic moment, in fact a magic month.

The results are immeasurable as we are all ready to change the world and I am grateful and happy that we had this time together. Another Success and Magic moment in the continuous and endless journey. See you at #MAIC2018. I believe in you!!!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


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  1. Carmen Ames says:

    JR & Loren, Congratulations on your tremendous success! I am so proud to be an Executive Coordinator in less than a year! I am so grateful for this opportunity. I have owned an advertising company for 25 years! If I had only met you 25 years ago, I can just imagine where I would be today. Well I definitely know where I will be in the next 25 years, enjoying my residual income and spending lots of time with my family too! Thank you again for making all our dreams come true! Cannot wait for MAIC2018! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Dreams Do Come True!

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