July 23rd, 2019

Steve Harris and the Basic 5: Belief in Motion

Successful UnFranchise Owners understand the importance of the Basic 5, and the fundamental effect it has on our success. Belief requires action, and those who believe in the Basic 5, and act on it – are often the ones who establish massively successful UnFranchise Businesses. 

A perfect example of that is Steve Harris – who’s been with us since nearly the beginning and has been reinvigorated and motivated to hit Field Vice President by doing it again with the Basic 5. For Steve, it’s about leaving a legacy and having fun building the business by leveraging the same fundamentals which have always worked – the Basic 5. 

As you can see, Steve just got a great license plate that really drives home the importance of the Basic 5! Talk about being a product of the product! Congratulations to Steve on all that you’ve accomplished and for being a beacon light for others to follow as you continue to build with the Basic 5. Your leadership, commitment, belief, and passion for helping others inspires us all! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger     

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