August 3rd, 2020

SpaceX Splashdown

The world watched in awe this past weekend as two intrepid astronauts made a remarkable splashdown landing upon their return for orbit. This was the first splashdown landing in 45 years, and an amazing visual reminder of the power of a unified humanity. It’s simply incredible to see what we can accomplish when we work together – especially when led by out of the box thinkers like Elon Musk…

Like him or not, Musk is a technological visionary – and his SpaceX program is revitalizing global interest in space and will ultimately make it more accessible for everyone. Congratulations to the brave astronauts & test pilots who put their lives on the line to advance science and our ever-evolving knowledge and understanding of the universe in which we exist!  

Watching this incredible story yesterday reminded me of our own out of this world landing from MAIC2018…

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