September 4th, 2019

Resetting the Clock: UFO’s Making it Happen Through Weekly Accountability!

Team I’d like to take a moment to share with you a couple of excellent emails I received this week which really exemplify what happens when this business really clicks for you. Both Bonnie Philo and Monique Meadows. It’s all about progress and accountability and taking an active role in your success and that of your team.

This is also a testament to the time freedom afforded to successful UnFranchise Owners who’ve overcome the 45-year plan by utilizing our 2-3-year plan instead. It’s a no-brainer!!! We all have the opportunity to reset the clock and recommit to establishing your success as an UnFranchise Owner. And remember – that clock only ticks when you complete result-producing-activities! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Message from Bonnie Philo:

Hi JR and Loren!

Funny how when most people take today and tomorrow off, we UFOs sometimes play catchup. And yet when the world does their 40 year plan, 8 hours daily Mon-Fri, for over 90,000 plus hours of their life, we as UFOs get to choose and customize our time, 8-15 hours week Mon-Fri. Gimme the 2-3 year plan any day of the week. Hee Hee😊

As per my last email talking weekly accountability…this is just one from Monique Meadows. She said I can share.

Monique is on Nicky and Heather’s team. She has been partnered for a while now, but the clock reset 30 days ago.

She was born for this and so happy to see what she is doing and her attitude.

I thought you’d enjoy the read. 

Happy Safe Labor Day

Praying for the safety of  your homes and people in Miami and Puerto Rico and they are not in the path of Dorian.



Message from Monique Meadows:

It has been a busy week with my MA business woven in even more than last week and I am starting to feel momentum. Can I do more? Yes. Must I do more? Yes. Do I get it that where one’s focus goes so does energy? Yes. So, I feel good about this past week and I know where I need to step it up.

I listened to an audio, or two, every. I have created a new habit of listening to an audio on my drive to work, Sometimes I don’t want to get out of the car. Always an MA audio – Dennis Franks got into my head this week, and then I re-listened to an older audio by Jim Rohn that I absolutely love: “Building Your Network Marketing Business” by Jim Rohn. His stories, tips and wisdom are so spot on and relatable.

I read my goal statement almost everyday. Obviously I need to make this a habit as well, because its not and it needs to be. No excuses.

I have read biz-related books/articles everyday and I read the Weekend Edition of the Wall Street Journal every Sunday morning. I like being on top of what is happening in business, trends and public culture, both nationally and internationally, so that I am prepared for a variety of conversations. It also reinforces for myself the power of owning this business and building it, and all that MA/ offers. It “keeps my head in the game.”

Another week that I did not make a purchase. I need to bond with shopping.

I did not add a new product to my regimen this week, but stayed consistent with the Isotonix Joint formula that I re-added last week. Knees are happy

OK, the result producing activity of the week:

• I did a 3 Way Call with Bonnie and prospect Lindsey at the beginning of the week.

• We then booked the next step with Lindsey for a Zoom Plan for this coming week.

• A PC referred a friend to me for OPC3, something this new person used to take years ago. I booked a 30-minute coffee date with her for this past Friday morning before work. Great meeting, she left with three Daily Essential Packets and a catalog, and I left with an order from her for a box of Daily Essential Packets and an appt. set for this Tuesday morning to deliver product and talk about other product needs she has. She does not like computers so did not want to order online, thus likely not a future business partner, but likely a steady customer. And as I build the relationship with her, she could lead me to people.

• I emailed product info on CannabaQuin and CannabaCool to another customer, she ordered both that afternoon.

• Same PC placed an order online for Daily Essential Packets, Mochatonix packets and OPC3 Chews, all I had sampled her on at different times.

• I mailed B Complex and Probiotics out to another PC.

• I emailed CannabaQuin & Cool products info out to another recent PC.

• I made calls, left messages but not as many as I should have and need to. I plan to double up this week. I know success is in the numbers. Bonnie, you and leaders have explained its a numbers game. A few calls doesn’t cut it. I need to stay in the groove with the momentum that I am feeling. This week I got caught up in serving customers.

Two personal training goals: get to a NUOT, clear my schedule/buy ticket(s) for the Local Seminar on the 21st with Dennis Franks, and buy ticket for NERC.

Business High this week: Tuesday: mix of a successful 3 Way Call (thank you, Bonnie), a new PC referral and several PC product orders. Feeling momentum.

Business goal for this week: to talk about the business. To further own that part of my identity. To make calls DAILY.

I am grateful to this group. Thank you.

Have a great week. Happy September!


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