People Power: Pip and Beth Black Leverage Teamwork and Training to Generate Massive Success

Over the years I’ve been blessed to work hands on with some incredible UnFranchise Owners and driven entrepreneurs who help others succeed. Before the viral pandemic changed some of our methods and daily routines/practices, Loren and I had been working with different teams & hosting seminars and learning sessions on Utopia IV – where we had the opportunity to really drill down and help teams analyze their progress, provide coaching and insights, and ultimately help them make adjustments to maximize growth and performance. 

This past week I received a tremendous update from Pip and Beth Black, who’ve been part of our training series on Utopia IV. I’ll include their message below but wanted to take a moment to first congratulate them on the success they’ve experienced after applying what they learned in our trainings. It’s always special to read messages like this because we get to see the impact this incredible business has on the world and the lives we change by helping entrepreneurs flourish. 

Since we’re still operating with social distancing guidelines in place, we may not be able to host meetings in the traditional sense of being in the same room as everyone or being on Utopia IV together, but thanks to modern technology and great resources like Zoom, we all have the ability to stay productive and experience positive results just like Pip and Beth Black! 

Congratulations to Pip and Beth and to their entire team. Your results speak for themselves and are a testament to your leadership as well as the execution and commitment of your team. Success is a team sport and it’s always refreshing to see different teams take what they’ve learned through our different education sessions and apply those tips and insights to their business to experience real results. 

We may not be able to host meetings in-person together with big groups at the moment, but we are still generating massive growth through the inspiration and education we’ve been providing each week through Market America’s massive training initiative on Zoom. You can also visit YouTube for a great rundown of all the previous webinars we’ve hosted, and I suggest everyone take time to review those videos and apply what you’ve learned. We may not be training and learning together on Utopia IV but Zoom still allows everyone to get a front row seat to the same types of trainings and learning sessions that have helped propel UFOs like Pip and Beth Black to new heights! 

Congratulations to Pip and Beth Black & the team for their success – I love seeing people apply what they’ve learned to tap into their full potential and really maximize what they’re doing with the UnFranchise. Join us each week on Zoom to experience some of the same training and insights which have sparked growth and success for UFOs around the world. 

Keep Growing! 
-JR Ridinger

Message from Pip and Beth Black:

Hello JR, I hope all is well with you.  I wanted to drop you a quick email because we’ve been feeling that momentum is definitely on our side.  However, “knowing” it is different that “feeling” it.

So, I went back in our commission history and pulled ten weeks of commission checks just prior to us attending the Utopia 4 session last May.  I selected ten weeks because I wanted a fairly large sample size.  I also pulled our last ten commission checks (including today’s).

The comparison is amazing.  Our commissions over the past ten weeks are 48% higher than the sample size from just prior to the U4 session.  Our feelings are justified and validated.  The data doesn’t lie.  But this isn’t just about us. Our whole team has stepped up and has made more “approaches”.  We have coached to “trust the process” and our team has stepped up.

We aren’t where we want to be yet but we’re heading in the right direction and have the data to prove it.

Thank you for everything!

Pip and Beth Black


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