January 18th, 2019

People Power: Erica Chang

Team, I’d like to take a moment to share a great message I received this week from UnFranchise Owner Erica Chang. I love reading messages like this because it reinforces why we started the UnFranchise in the first place! It’s all about empowering people and providing them with the means to build a better life at their own pace! That’s what makes the UnFranchise so special! Congratulations to Erica on your incredible success and thank you for taking the time to share your heartfelt words with us.

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



Dear JR and Loren, this is Erica Chang writing from Taipei, Taiwan.

I’m a Senior Master Coordinator and I started my business with Shop.com five years ago. It wasn’t always easy but I’ve always LOVED the business and I’ve never missed a convention whether they’re in Greensboro, Miami or Taipei.

Last month I had a three-week vacation in London and Paris; it was my first time in Europe and the first vacation I gave myself since I started the business.

I just wanted to write you and tell you how grateful I am! (I was going to send you a postcard but realized I’ve got too much to say to be put on the back of one small card ^_^ )

Like a lot of people, traveling the world is one of my dreams; before becoming an UFO I was a freelance graphic designer and I took the time to travel whenever I could, I enjoyed the time freedom but money was always an issue because when I’m on the road and not working, I also had zero income.

Over the past five years, can’t say that I’ve done the best job, I’ve still got a lot to learn and do, but slowly I’ve built a team and getting paychecks more and more frequent. I’ve always known and believed without a doubt that MPCP works and this business works (and I WILL be a director! 🙂 ) but especially during my holidays I just wake up EVERYDAY so thankful that money is not an issue anymore.

I was able to choose where do I want to eat, what shows do I want to see. I still spent two weeks on the bunk bed in youth hostels but I knew it’s my choice and not my destiny.

I used to always travel and live on a budget, not eating enough food and worried about money all of my life. When I saw the business, I knew it would change my life and it really did, and I’m not only talking about the financial part.

I became a certified trainer, I am a business coach, I am a team leader, I can help others. I’ve learned so much, I’ve made great friends and I’ve grown so much, each day hoping to become a better person. Having financial security gives me not only a sense of security, but freedom and confidence in myself, all of these things that I didn’t used to have.

So JR and Loren and everyone in Market America, I think you all SO MUCH for working so hard for us, for inspiring us, encouraging us every day, for giving us this amazing opportunity and I honestly THANK GOD and THANK YOU each day that I CAN change my life for the better and help others to do the same.

This year I’m also going to expand to Market Malaysia, I hope to make 2019 the best year for my business ever because I REALLY want to be one of the directors filling the arena in 2020!

I have a lot of work to do, as well as a lot of distractions/challenges, but in writing you I just want to give you my words and promises that I WILL work hard and do my best to make things happen.

Once again, thank you so much for everything! See you in Miami!


“Dream Big, Start Small, Begin Now.”    

-Erica Chang

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