May 28th, 2015

New TLS Power Profile Videos Available on YouTube

How do you define success? Let TLS® Power Profile videos show you. We are thrilled to announce the release of eight new Power Profile videos, now available on YouTube. These videos showcase thriving UnFranchise® Owners who have achieved success with TLS. They’re real people with real stories, giving real advice.

The TLS Weight Loss Solution encompasses low-glycemic impact eating, behavior modification and body composition, offering an extensive plan that covers everything you’ll need to get fit and trim, not just a set of foods you can and cannot eat. In fact, a big part of TLS is helping you make healthy choices while still eating a normal, diverse diet.

Check out some of our of TLS all-stars in our latest Power Profiles; including Nancy BushApril RitchottLarry RogowskyHeather Pilibosian and Christine Briggs.

You can be one of these powerful people. Start boosting your business today with the TLS Weight Loss Solution. Watch the videos and visit to learn more.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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