October 16th, 2019

New nutraMetrix Power Profile Videos to Share

Helping people achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality is what makes the UnFranchise Business so special – that’s why I’d like to take a monument to celebrate the success of our UnFranchise Owners who are making it happen with nutraMetrix! The following nutraMetrix Power Profile Videos highlight the UnFranchise Owners who’ve utilized the nutraMetrix product line to establish lasting success with their business while also helping their customers! We are built on product and powered by people just like them! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

nutraMetrix® Profile: Ed and Norma Flores

nutraMetrix® Profile: Jane Chen  

nutraMetrix® Profile:  Jerry Gentry

nutraMetrix® Profile: Michelle Burlyga  

nutraMetrix® Profile: Penni Vachon and Heidi Herron

nutraMetrix® Profile: Rebecca Morehead

nutraMetrix® Profile: Shannon Truax 


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