October 10th, 2017

Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Team, I recently received an incredible message from Lou Manfredi with a powerful video about chasing your dreams that I feel we could all benefit from seeing from time to time. This type of positive video is excellent fuel for the mind and soul, and great material to share with your fellow UnFranchise Owners. I love it and DARE you to watch it! It just might be what sparks that billionth of a volt! It really all comes down to believing in yourself and believing in the power of your Dreams. Below you’ll also find a special message from Market America Executive Vice President Dennis Franks who shares his thoughts on success and the role teamwork plays:

Thank you for sharing JR. It all comes down to investing in yourself and believing as you have always taught. The thing that is the biggest takeaway from this in my thinking, is simply, “Is the individual ready to take on the challenge of success”. It is not easy, but we never said it was. But we did say we, Together Everyone Accomplishes More (The Team, The Team, The Team, Team Market America) Together we are changing the way people will shop, together we are creating the economy of the future built upon the millions of consumers that purchase items each and every day. It is a matter of growing those that believe and for that we need “The Team.” -Dennis Franks


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