January 24th, 2014

Michelle Ongkiko’s Incredible eGifts Testimonial

I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you a great testimonial from Michelle Ongkiko, who was able to tap into the power of eGifts this holiday season. Please take a moment to read about her experience below, and share it with your team! If you’ve got an eGifts experience to share with us, feel free to send me an email at socialmedia@marketamerica.com – and you may even have your story featured on my blog!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


I had a great experience with eGifts this holiday season.  I work nights in the ER so I don’t get to go to stores and shop because most of the time I’m sleeping.  I went to a wedding in Maryland and on my way there I got stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge, it worked out well because I had time to get the couple’s email and send out an eGift.  Then 3 days before Christmas my boyfriend’s mom asked me if I had finished my Christmas shopping and if I wanted to check out the stores, I told her I don’t have to because I sent my gifts through eGifts (including hers).  She was amazed how relaxed and stress-free I was.  She got her email and was very excited to get her gift:). I was very pleased because I didn’t waste any time going around stores during the holiday season to find stuff for everybody and not being sure if they would like it.  Now with eGifts, I’m almost positive that they got what they want or need and I can sleep soundly in my warm bed. Now I only go to stores to look at their window display:)


-Michelle Ongkiko

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  1. Great testimonial and congratulations Michelle for utilizing your business tools.

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