May 1st, 2020

Market America: 28 Years Strong

This week saw the passing of a tremendous milestone for our company – Market America’s 28th Anniversary! It’s been an amazing 28-year ride and journey. I hope you are just beginning because we are. Many old timers are getting their second wind or a new awakening. People that are new are growing like mad because of our online and internet marketing model and being able to serve customers with what they need AND utilizing the evaluation approach method with partners on Zoom.

People that have been in for years and prospered are reclaiming or re-qualifying at their highest pin level and have people on their team hitting new pin levels. Many of the top leaders that have been at a high level for years are rising to the next pin level this year and are getting closer every month! There has truly never been a better time to be an UnFranchise Owner! Stay safe and think entrepreneurially!

Keep growing!

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