February 14th, 2020

Marc Ashley Receives Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Award from UNCG

Team, we have incredible news to share with you about Market America’s President and COO – Marc Ashley. Many UFO’s know Marc for his brilliant, on-point presentations at our major events like MAWC2020 which helps outline our vision for the future and with it, your success. But there is so much more to Marc than powerful & insightful speeches – Marc is a driving force behind our overall success and UnFranchise Owners around the globe benefit every day from Marc’s foresight, business savvy, and his unwavering commitment to doing business the right way. 

Marc is a tenacious entrepreneur and the epitome of a hard worker. He’s had his nose to the grindstone from day one of our business, and in the early days Marc was essentially a Jack of all trades for us – managing shipping, packing boxes, answering phones – you name it – Marc did it for us. Over the past three decades I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand Marc’s evolution as an entrepreneur and business leader, and his evolution has been truly extraordinary. 

It’s only fitting that Marc received the Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Award from the UNCG Bryan School of Economics! What a fitting honor for one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known! Congratulations to Marc for this prestigious honor from his alma mater, which makes it even more important and special for Marc. I’m blessed and honored to call you my brother and can’t think of a more fitting award or more deserving recipient. You are the heart and soul of our daily operations, and as you’ve flourished and grown over the years as an entrepreneur – our company has flourished and grown on a global scale as a direct result. 

While UnFranchise Owners benefit firsthand every day from Marc’s leadership, it’s especially nice to see others outside our circle acknowledge his excellence and entrepreneurial zeal. What makes this award even more impressive is the fact it was decided among a board of 30 members who represent the entire University. I’ve included below some great pictures from the event. A special thanks to the UNCG Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program & its Founder, Dianne Welsh, who presented Marc with the Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Award. 

As you can see in the pictures below, Marc had the chance to reunite with old friends while also making new ones at UNCG. It was especially encouraging to see so many young entrepreneurs engaging with Marc and learning about our business. I cannot think of a better Ambassador for Market America than Marc, because when he was their age, he was already a vital part of our business! Congratulations, Marc – so very well deserved! 

Keep Growing

-JR Ridinger 

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