August 19th, 2014

MAIC2014: Congratulations to the President’s Challenge Winners

Each year at International Convention we take the time to celebrate the success of our President’s Challenge Winners – and this year I was thrilled to have the chance to meet with these all-star UnFranchise Owners. These entrepreneurs are the epitome of an UnFranchise Owner and have gone above and beyond to ensure the success of their team. We all work together in this business, but it’s nice to take the time to celebrate those individuals who’ve been leading the social shopping revolution. Below you’ll find a list of our President’s Challenge Winners, along with some great pictures from the award ceremony. Congratulations to all our President’s Challenge Winners!

Keep Growing!


MAIC 2014 President’s Challenge Winners:

Larry Cao & Qin Liu

John Chang

Yvonne Chang & John Tran

Xuan Xin Chen

Yu Wai Johnny Cheung

Chung-Hui Chou

Dawn Florio

Sue Gilad

Peter-Eli Gonzales

Danielle Guminski

Elsa Shiow Jen Hsieh

Jimmy Hu

Jiaxi Liu

Cathy Dan Dan Lu

Tiffiny & Kevin Luong

Lynn Mitschke

Michele & Tony Molinaro

Stephanie & Richard Ng

Thuy-Linh Quach & Dr. Doanh Andrew Nguyen

Larry Rogowsky

Charese Sailor

Kathleen Schindler-Brown

Vincent Shu

Xiaodong Sun

Jinci Tan & Manxiong Kuang

Jiahui Wang

Caron Wong

Di Wu

Livia Wu

Wei Qin Wu

Kun Yang

Alan & Debra Yentsch

Cheng Rong Yin

Shenze Zhang

Yuyao Zheng

Zifeng Zou & Anthony King

Xiaoli Sun


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