April 18th, 2016

Len Allen Reaches Master Coordinator with Market United Kingdom

The Market UK team is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the hard work and dedication of amazing UFOs like Tan and Gavin Westcarr and Len Allen. In fact, I’d like to take a moment to recognize and congratulate Len on a remarkable achievement – as he just became a Master Coordinator with Market United Kingdom! Len and Michael Baptist qualified as Master Shopping Annuity Members hitting the SABP and duplicating success within their group. Hitting Master Coordinator is a huge accomplishment for Len Allen and the team.

Master Coordinator is the springboard to upper UFO levels and huge residual income. As you see, by Mauro & Bianca and Nannette Hitting Coordinator, the process is based on helping others success, grow, and earn! Using all aspects of the UnFranchise results in multiplied results as three on the team completed the TLS 21 Day Challenge. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Below you’ll find an awesome message from Tan Westcarr as she explains all the momentum being created in the UK. This is the perfect time to cross-pollinate and join in! There’s never been a better time to share your UnFranchise in the United Kingdom!

Congratulations and Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



Message from Tan:

Hi JR, I’m super proud of our team. Please see below an update I’m posting on social media. Yesterday Len hit Master Coordinator, Semerah and Michael hit Executive Coordinator. So chuffed for them and the team. It’s the highest pin level in Market UK and Len Allen has it! Huge Congrats!

This wasn’t a solo effort, for the last 6 months team #UKSuperstars have cranked up the activity working hard building their business, funding their #shoppingannuity and rising up the ranks. Len Allen – true leader setting the pace in the UK. – First to hit SABP in UK (Sept-Dec) – Hit SABP back to back (Jan-Mar) – Went from Coordinator to Master Coordinator in 7 months making consistent cheques.

Semerah Killingbeck – New Executive Coordinator – Top 5 in Webcentres in the world. Awesome leadership in this discipline with her Market UK Webcentre group. – Overall serial retailer. Michael Baptiste – New Executive Coordinator – Hit SABP (Jan-Mar) Nanette Lovell – Coordinator – Came 2nd in the UK on the TLS 21 Day Challenge Mauro & Bianca Joaquim – Newest Coordinators Anne, Rosaleen, Carol – Leaders who completed the 21 Day Challenge and continue to grow their business.

These are just the highlights because we have so many people doing so well on team #uksuperstars I’m super impressed with everyone. Let’s continue to let our results do the talking. #ResultProducingActivities #marketunitedkingdom #unfranchise #sabp

Have a great weekend,





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