June 8th, 2018

Lasting Success: Steve Harris Celebrates 23 Years with Market America

This week Loren and I received a very special message from a dear friend and UnFranchise Pioneer who just celebrated 23 incredible years with Market America! Congratulations to Steve Harris on this incredible milestone and accomplishment. You are an inspirational UnFranchise Leader who sets a brilliant example for others to follow! I can’t wait to see what the next 23 years holds for us!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



Good morning, JR… hope you’re well…

I want to congratulate you and Loren personally for the purchase of the new yacht…it is MAGNIFICENT!!…Although it is YOURS, I have to believe that you bought it for all of US, as well 🙂

Also, TODAY is my 23rd anniversary with the company…I started my Market America “journey” on JUNE 6, 1995, with the hope of putting a “college fund” together for my 2 girls, with MA checks…as of now, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED…both Stephanie and Amanda graduated from college “debt free” as a result of your vision and commitment to the MPCP.

As I approach my 68th birthday, I am as excited about MA today as I was back in 1995 when I began…I’ve set my goal to hit Field Vice-President by my 70th birthday (2020) and I’m committed to helping my people reach their goals, as well.

Thanks for ALL that you do…for me, the company and the world!!


Steve Harris

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