Khloe Kardashian and Loren Ridinger Show the Power of Social Media & One to One Marketing

One thing that makes Market America unique in the modern age is the fact we combine the personal touch of one-to-one marketing with the benefits of cutting-edge technology and a tracking system that ultimately pays people to shop. One to one marketing has always been the most authentic and relatable form of marketing, because people naturally trust their friends and rely on them for their opinions – especially when it comes to shopping.

One brand, Tiny Harlow, and its Melbourne-based founder, Ebony Stevenson, recently discovered what can happen when Star Power and One-to-One marketing combine. You can read more about their incredible story here in the Daily Mail. Essentially, Loren is a fan of this brand and loves their products, so much so that she posted about them on social media. After seeing her post, Khloe Kardashian reached out to Loren to find out more about this brand. Before Loren shared Tiny Harlow with Khloe, this was a relatively unknown brand, but that quickly changed after Khloe also posted about them on Instagram. As you can see, her daughter True Thompson loves the brand – and the rest is history!

In just one week after Loren introduced Khloe to the Tiny Harlow brand, they’ve seen a massive increase in social media followers as well as skyrocketing sales. It’s truly incredible what can happen when social media and star power magnify the impact of One to One marketing! While this was truly amplified by Khloe and Loren’s star power – the principles at work here operate the same for UnFranchise Owners.

Just think, this all started by Loren sharing her love for this small brand with her friend Khloe Kardashian. The next thing you know, Tiny Harlow’s sales have ballooned, and the entire line is nearly sold out. This is a powerful entrepreneurial success story which highlights the important role social media plays along with one to one marketing – and proves that genuine personal product opinions can have a direct and lasting impact on the success of an entire brand.

Our economy has never been more connected, and it’s easy to see that modern innovations such as social media have truly amplified the impact and effectiveness of one to one marketing. This story essentially reaffirms the same principals and fundamentals which have made the UnFranchise such a powerhouse in One to One marketing. As UnFranchise Owners we all have the ability to leverage our own personal connections and amplify our success with one to one marketing by utilizing social media just like Loren and Khloe. 

You may not be a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a massive impact on the success of your brands and business. Just remember, as UFOs, we all own some of the hottest brands in the world, and by sharing them with the people we know, we have the ability to not only help connect people with life-changing products, but also energize our own entrepreneurial success! That’s the power of Market America and One-to-One Marketing!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger