Journey to Recovery: Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to Yardley Wang

We’ve always been big believers in the power of positivity, and right now one of our fellow UnFranchise Owners needs our prayers and well wishes. Aside from being fixtures at our events, Lisa and Yardley Wang are known to many as incredible trainers and passionate entrepreneurs always eager to help others, and their success as UnFranchise Owners is a direct reflection on the positive impact they’ve had on others. They are shining examples of what it means to be a UFO and are a big reason why our company is much more than a mere entrepreneurial endeavor – it’s a friendship and family.

We’re sad to say that Yardley Wang is currently in ICU fighting COVID, pneumonia, and a subsequent heart attack – and still has a long road to recovery ahead. It’s obviously a frightening situation for Lisa and Yardley and a sobering reminder of just how dangerous this pandemic has become. But it’s also a profound reminder of the importance of community, compassion, and caring for one another. 

While Yardley’s medical issues are quite scary, we have faith he will emerge stronger than before. We can all help by sending our positive vibes, prayers & visualizing Yardley in wellness and recovery. No matter how you pray, it is appreciated and the whole world benefits from an outpouring of positivity. We love you Yardley and Lisa and are with you on this journey to recovery! You are not alone! 

-Loren and JR Ridinger