May 4th, 2020

John Berry: A Diamond in the Rough

Team, I’d like to share with you a great update with an UnFranchise Owner who’s really applying the best practices and adopting the right approach to growing his UnFranchise. John Berry’s example is worth emulating because he’s the perfect example of a rising star who is on the move and making a positive impact on others in the process. John’s been doing a great job utilizing Zoom to host meetings and help keep his team productive and on the right track. 

I even had the honor of tuning in for a UBP he hosted on Zoom and it was absolutely excellent. There were so many times where Andrew Weissman and I agreed John was hitting the bullseye and did an excellent job of explaining the business while also incorporating some excellent UFO testimonials – because the human experience always leaves a big impression. Dana Galpern, Andrew Weissman and I have had the opportunity to work with John more behind the scenes, and we’ve all been impressed with his commitment, aptitude, and entrepreneurial zeal.

I’ve included below a YouTube video below with John hosting a recent UBP Zoom presentation, and think it’s very well done and a great example of using powerful tools like Zoom to connect with more people… 

What really impresses me about John is the fact that he’s a prime example of a Diamond in the Rough with credibility, success, communication skills, and business experience. In some ways you could even say John is a great example of an UnFranchise Owner who evolved from a chicken in the coup to a goose flying in the v-formation to residual income land.

I’ve included below some very powerful writings from John to help get a better understanding of his mentality and approach. These writings are excellent and a sterling example of the mindset and belief level one has to have to succeed in the business and become a Director or above!!! Hats off to John and his team for their success – we look forward to seeing what you accomplish this year! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

Are you a Treader or a Swimmer?

John Berry

Life is filled with choices.  You end up where you are in life based on the accumulation of all the decisions you make along the way.  Both big and obvious decisions, as well as small and seemingly insignificant decisions, steer you along your journey to your destination.  You are exactly where you placed yourself in life by the results of your thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and actions.

Market America / is a business opportunity for people to change their position in life.  Control their journey and destination.  To stop letting the life they don’t want to live prevent them from creating the life they do want to live.  To create Time and Financial Freedom for themselves and their loved ones.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Who would not want that?  So why are so many people hesitant to change and resist a business and the opportunities it can provide them?  Because they’re human.  People are naturally skeptical and resistant to new things.  We all get comfortable with those things that we know and habits we have formed.  Even though every one of those current habits and beliefs were new to us at some point as well.   

People make changes for two main reasons – Inspiration or Desperation.  Inspiration can be more powerful and longer lasting as an inspired change often becomes a part of who the person evolves to.  Desperation can also be a strong motivator for change, but once the main source of desperation is reduced, the feeling of desperation can dissipate and the incentive for change is minimized.    

The fortunate people, the smart ones – make changes in their life based on inspiration.  They discover something they like or want and passionately pursue it with everything they have.  They recognize an opportunity when it presents itself and become inspired to take action to achieve success as they define it.  They stop making excuses.  When a person waits until they become desperate, they will commonly face a more difficult challenge at that point to implement the necessary change.  It will be harder.

Other people remain on the same course they’ve been on, even if they don’t like it, until a situation is created that makes the pain of not changing course, more severe than changing.  They accept the personal sacrifices they make to maintain their current life – their comfort zone.  They wait until they have to do something.    By then it is often too late.  Think of the person that has smoked for years and gets a diagnosis of lung cancer.  Think they may become desperate to stop smoking?  Or the person that has been eating poorly for years and has become obese living with joint pain and poor cardiovascular health.  A sudden heart attack will certainly make them desperate to change their health and wellness activities.  How about the person that has not saved appropriately or not built a residual income.  They are now in their mid – 60’s hoping to retire but can’t because they don’t think they have enough money to outlast their life expectancy.  They are desperate to retire but did not do what they needed to years earlier.  Now they don’t have the time to make the impactful change that would have better prepared them for what was coming.  They lived reactively – rather than proactively.

Life can become like treading water.  You constantly kick your legs and paddle your arms to keep your head above water to survive.  It can be exhausting, but what choice do you have?  Swimming to something new can be risky and uncomfortable.  Most people have been taught how to tread water their whole life.  Their parents taught them.  Their teachers and professors instructed them.  Their friends and employers all reinforced how to tread water.  They do it without thinking.  They are treaders.  All around them are other people that have gone through similar life experiences and have also been taught to tread water their whole life.  In fact, it has become socially unacceptable to swim.  You are expected to tread like everyone else.  The people that can tread the best are held in high regard.  You strive to become a better treader.  You are programmed to tread water your entire life and resist the idea of swimming.  You just accept it or say you’ll start tomorrow.  Tomorrow never seems to come.

Here is how most people live their lives metaphorically.  This is what we face when we try to show people a better way – to create Time and Financial Freedom with The Unfranchise Business.  Imagine people treading water about a ¼ mile offshore of a beautiful island of paradise – a place where residual income flows and you get paid to buy the things you already buy.  People there help each other achieve financial security and support each other’s success.  These people decided to just not keep treading their whole life.  They made a commitment to achieve Time and Financial Freedom and began to swim.

Now treading water is not entirely bad.  You keep your head above water so you can breathe and survive.  There are times when you observe a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  Sometimes the ocean breeze feels wonderful on your face.  The rain water always seems to come at just the right time to sustain you.  

As you drift along at the mercy of the uncontrollable currents of life circling the island of paradise, you worry it may push you towards the reef.  You hope it won’t.  You know there are sharks swimming below you but you always believe they will bite another treader.  You have to believe that – what else can you do? Sometimes it storms and you are pelted with hard rain.  It hurts, but you’re resilient.  If the other treaders can handle it – so can you.  It’s safe and secure to stay with the other people treading.

As you tread water from year to year, a one pound weight is added to your body.  The weight represents life.  It is responsibilities.  The needs of your growing family.  Unexpected health costs.  Being fired or downsized from your job.  Taking care of an aging parent.  Money needed to support you during your retirement years.  At first, you really don’t even notice the extra weight added every year.  You’re young and strong.  You can handle it.  Your parents somehow did.  Your friends are still treading.  Why should you change anything about the extra weight you feel every year?  You’ll just tread harder.

Eventually, you begin to notice the island of paradise more.  You can see it.  There are people living on it.  You often hear them laughing, singing, dancing and enjoying themselves.  You can smell the delicious scent of fresh food being grilled.  Boy do they seem happy.  You hope and wish you could live there.  You wonder what it would be like to live on that island.  “STOP!!!  Get that thought out of your head”, you tell yourself.  You are a treader!  It’s what you were taught to do.  It’s what you have always done.  What would your “friends” think.  You yell over to a fellow treader.  “Isn’t treading great?”  “Sure is” they respond reassuringly.  “I couldn’t imagine living any other way.”  You settle back in to treading.

As more years go by, you begin to feel the extra weight accumulating year after year.  It seems like it takes a lot more effort to tread water and keep your head above water. “ Whew, better just stay focused on treading,” you tell yourself.  Your body is getting tired.  You notice that you don’t have the energy or desire to hang out with the other treaders as much.  You’re too busy treading.  You find you don’t seem to have much time for anything but treading.  Now and then, another treader you know will drift close enough to you.  You ask them, “Hey, would you mind helping me out and take a little of the extra weight off me.  It’s really getting heavy?”  They respond, “listen, we’ve been friends for a long time, but I have my own weight to deal with.  You’ll just have to tread harder like everyone else. “    

You’re disappointed.  Maybe even a bit frustrated.  More years go by and more weight gets added.  The weight is getting so heavy that you’re becoming concerned about being able to keep your head above water.  You just exist.  Where is all the time going?  You wish and hope someone will come and offer to take some of your weight from you to make it easier to tread water.  They never come.  You get an idea and share it with another treader.  “Hey, instead of treading water with all this weight, why don’t we try to swim to that beautiful island over there?  Those people really look happy and don’t seem to be held down with all this weight like we are.”  They look at you like you’re crazy!  “We can’t do that.  We are treaders, not swimmers.  You would be crazy to try and swim to that island of paradise.  Besides, those people are just lucky.  I bet they just got to the island years ago before they had too much weight holding them back.  They probably just knew the right person and were carried to shore.  I heard about another treader, who tried to swim to the island, and they were never heard of again.  No Thanks!  Not me!  Don’t even try.  You’ll never make it.”

This is a key decision point for every person.  They are tired of treading.  They know that more weight will be added every year as they keep treading through life making it more challenging to swim to the island of paradise.  Their friends and family have decided to just keep treading.  It’s what they know.  It’s who they are.  The other treaders think you’re crazy for even thinking of swimming.  They will try to talk you out of it.  They don’t want to even hear you talk about swimming to the island.  They don’t seem to drift over to your area as often now since you started talking about swimming to the island.   

You can either keep treading right along with the other treaders, living the life you don’t want to live, or you can focus on the island of paradise and just start swimming towards the life you do want to live.  At first it may be a bit hard to swim.  After all, you have been treading for so long, you really aren’t all that comfortable swimming.  The weight built up around you is going to try to slow you down, or worse – pull you under.  You don’t care.  What’s the risk?  You can always just go back to treading if you want.  

You have decided to swim for it.  You’ll become a better swimmer as you go.  You may even see a few other swimmers along the way that can show you how to swim better and help get you to the island quicker.  The closer you get to the island, the more excited you become.  The swim wasn’t easy but you just kept going.  The laughter on the island begins to get louder.  You can see the people smiling and the scent of the delicious food only makes you want to swim faster.  You are confident you will make it to shore.  It is becoming real to you.  You believe, really believe 100%, that you will reach the shore. 

The sand feels incredible.  You stand up and notice you no longer have all that weight holding you down.  Somewhere along the way it gradually just dropped off.  You turn to look back at the treaders you left behind.  You shout to them as loud as you can, “Hey, it’s awesome here on the island.  The swim was hard but you can make it if you try.  You don’t have to keep treading water.  I’ll help you if you just try.”  You put your hand to your ear straining so you can hear their response.  You want it for them so badly.  There is no response.  They pretend to not even hear you.  They are treaders and treaders tread.  

You turn back and walk over to the party.  You’re welcomed with open arms by the others.  They are glad to see you.  They know how you feel.  They used to be treaders to.  You wish your old fellow treaders would just open their minds and try to swim to the island.  You know they could make it.  But it’s their decision to make.  You can‘t swim for them.  For now, you’ll just have to enjoy meeting the other people on the island.  They seem a lot more like you anyway.  It sure beats treading all the time.

Determine if you are a Treader or a Swimmer.  Both types of people exist.  If you are a swimmer, begin swimming with a purpose and commit to swim to your destination.  Don’t stop swimming – even if the current against you gets strong.  Surround yourself with other swimmers.  Don’t let anything prevent you from reaching your island of paradise – the life you want to live.  Don’t waste time with treaders.  They only want to complain and will try to hold you back.  They don’t want you to succeed and leave them behind living the life they don’t want to alone.  It would make them feel worse about themselves once you succeed and they realize they don’t have the courage to change their own life.  If other people aren’t willing to die for you, then don’t let them live your life for you by controlling your decisions.  Imagine the life you want to live and go create it with a vengeance!



Unfranchise Business

Some perspective on the 2-3 year plan…

One of the first questions people are thinking when I introduce the Unfranchise Business to them is “how much money are you making?” or “how much money will they make?”   It’s an understandable question, but it’s only relevant if all the involved variables are identical.

The answer is going to vary depending on:

         1)  why you are building the business

         2)  how long you have been working the business

         3)  how much quality time you have been devoting

         4)  the quality of the partners you are working with

         5)  your ability to imprint within your organization    

The Unfranchise Business is not an MLM, club, hobby, or lottery ticket.  It is not a “get rich quick scheme.”  It’s not a “Pyramid Scheme” and it is not a recruitment plan where you try to “sign up” as many people as you can.  It is a legitimate entrepreneurial business that requires training, drive, commitment, and consistent effort – just like any other business.  Partnering with the right people is key to success in this business as with all businesses.  

Ordinarily, when you start a business, you capitalize your business by making a significant investment upfront to get the business going.  You also must spend money operating the business by paying for costly operational expenses.  You assume all the financial risks and can consider yourself lucky if you reach the break-even point within the first few years.

During this time, you usually must invest most, or all your time building your business.  This is one of the biggest reasons many people never start their own business – “no time.”  The business really owns you!

The Unfranchise Business with Market America is different.  You can start it part-time while maintaining your current income until your Unfranchise Business eventually grows and potentially overtakes it with residual income.  You determine how strong and quickly you grow your business.  You control the amount of income you earn.  You work at your pace.  Performing consistent results-producing activities throughout your organization is the key to success.  The System is proven to work (has been since 1992) so the key is to just keep going – don’t quit.  YOU ARE THE VARIABLE!

The 2-3 year plan with Market America calls for each Unfranchise Owner (UFO) to identify and qualify the right 2 people to build the business with. You, and each person you partner with, simply identifies and qualifies the right 2 people to expand distribution.  The Unfranchise Business is based on volume – like all businesses.  The larger the distribution network – the more volume of product can be moved.  

Every UFO only needs the right 2 people to make the business work.  Most highly successful Unfranchise Owners set a goal to identify and qualify 2 quality partners to work with every quarter (3 months) to implement the plan with.  This will put you and your partners on the path to success and a residual income within a 2-3 year time frame.  

This business is so broad that we have something for   everyone and everything for someone.  We just need to show the plan, share our quality market based products, have people attend trainings and events for skills development, and educate people how they can create a Shopping Annuity by getting paid to purchase the things we all buy every day – week – month.  We are all going to keep purchasing all the things we do now, but instead of acting as separate customers – we are going to combine our collective buying power to get better pricing and get paid a % of the profits from the stores and businesses that sell us the products we buy.   

Between the website, all the superior products within our Product Brokerage Company, the Shopping Annuity, and the amazing compensation plan, it’s fair to say that identifying one good business partner each monthshould not be that difficult to do?

But then I had a thought, “What would happen if I only found 1 quality person every 3 months  (1  per quarter – not 2) to partner with in this business?  Then me, that first person, and everyone else we partner with duplicated that result?”  Do you think that’s possible?  Is that realistic?  IS THAT DUPLICATABLE?

Do you think that if we all followed the proven business system and presented the business plan to one person each week or two, that someone would lead to ONE PARTNER every three months that wants to build this business?  Maybe you think that’s setting the bar too low.  I’m with you!  But let’s just “play small ball” for a moment and see what that looks like…

Today…       1 person (You)

3 Months:  1 New Distributor Partner (you qualify them)

6 Months:  1 New + 2 Current + 1 – (first new distributor           

                        finds 1 person in 3 months)                 = 4 Total

9 Months:  1 New + 4 Current + 3 from team   = 8 Total

12 Months: 1 New + 8 Current +7 from team   = 16 Total

After 1 Year

After 1 year you have 15 new partners plus you = 16 partners building the business together as a team leveraging each other’s strengths.  16 Partners with customers each generating a total of 300 BV per month = 4800 BV.  (2400 BV on your Left & 2400 BV on your Right).  This pays you $600 in commissions for BV per month.  If these same 16 Partners with customers also create the targeted 200 IBV each per month, that would be about 3200 IBV each month.  (1600 IBV on your Left and 1600 IBV on your right organization).  This pays you about $300 in commissions for IBV per month. 

YES!  After 1 year, you’ve worked about 5-10 hours a week, a total of about 400 hours in year 1, and are making a whopping $900/month in commissions!  While this is not terrible, you were probably looking to generate more residual income than this to support your lifestyle and create TAFF –  Time & Financial Freedom.  You’ve spent all that time and lo and behold, all the doubters were right.  The business doesn’t work.  You might as well give up.  What’s the point?

BUT WAIT! – what happens in year 2 – the next 12 months – if you and your partners just keep doing what you’re doing?  Remember – this is the 2-3 year plan:

First 12 months = 16 people to start year two with

15 Months: 1 New + 16 Current + 15 from team = 32  Total

18 Months: 1 New + 32 Current + 31 from team = 64 Total

21 Months: 1 New + 64 Current + 63 from team= 128 Total

24 Months: 1 New + 128 Current + 127 from team = 256

After 2 years you would have 256 partners! (including you)

After 2 years: 256 partners with customers generating 300 BV per month = 76,800 BV every month.  38,400 BV on your Left and 38,400 BV on your Right.  That’s more than enough for your BDC 001 to go through the BV pay cycle every week.  This will pay you $1,500 per week in BV Commissions.  In addition, these 256 partners with customers will be creating 200 IBV per month = 51,200 IBV per month.  25,600 IBV on your left and 25,600 IBV on your right.  That will have your  BDC 001 go through the IBV Pay Cycle every week paying you another $1,500 per week in IBV Commissions.  And you’ll be receiving the weekly $600 Management Bonus for BV multiple times per month.  

You would be earning over $16,000 per month in commissions and bonuses – ON A RESIDUAL BASIS.  This does not include Retail Profits or Tax Advantages – just BV and IBV Commissions and Bonuses.  It is residual income from your business coming in monthly with very little expenses! Remember – this was working Part Time while you continued to earn from your current job.   Imagine Year 3…

Other Market America Distributors have made it to Director Level ($18,000+ / month) with about 120 people in their organization – less than half the 256 in this example.  So, there’s plenty of room for things to not go exactly to plan here.  

With the Shopping Annuity now in place, it has been calculated that it takes 25% of the total partners to achieve the income levels it used to take prior to the Shopping Annuity.  All it takes is for every partner to do their small part by following the system and commit to buying as many things they can from their own business.  

To make the plan even more realistic (if it wasn’t good enough already), when you consider that we can place our individual BV and IBV points in our sponsored partners business below us – there will be even more total volume flowing through all our BDC’s.  It won’t be just points from you and the partners below you.  With every partner now sharing the individual points from the top to the bottom among the team –the ability to accelerate income grows substantially and securely.

My point is, if you find yourself in the business after 6 months, and only have several people working with you as partners, you’re right on track!  If you work the business for a year and are only making $900/month – you’re right on track for the average part-time person!

Just KEEP FOLLOWING THE 2-3 YEAR PLAN.  It’s been proven to work.  Don’t give up.  Qualify one good person to partner with every three months, and you are on your way.  Make it the right people and expand with like-minded people that want to create residual income.

Just for kicks, let’s set the bar even lower.  What if you only find 1 person to partner with every 6 months – and all your partners do the same. That’s only 2 new partners per year.  After 4 years, you will have the same 256 partners working the business with you.  It will have taken you 4 years to earn a residual 6-figure income for the rest of your life that you then can Will to your family.

That’s like going to college for four years, and when you graduate; your diploma says “Congratulations!  You will now earn over $16,000 per month for the rest of your life.  Don’t go looking for a job.  You just retired!”

But what if you and your partners are not below average?  You do what many others have done with their Business.  You and all your partners execute the 2-3 year plan and are able to identify just 2 quality people to partner with every quarter.  8 partners per year.  What does your business look like in just 12 months?

Today…       1 (You)

3 Months:  2 New Distributor Partners  (you find them)

6 Months:  2 New + 3 Current + 4 (first 2 distributors

find 2 people in 3 months)              = 9 partners

9 Months:  2 New + 9 Current + 16 from team = 27 partners

12 Months: 2 New + 27 Current + 52 from team = 81

After 12 months: 81 partners generating 300 BV per month = 24,300 BV every month.  This will earn you a $78,000 per year residual income in BV Commissions.  81 total partners generating 200 IBV per month = 16,200 IBV every month.  This will earn you over $26,000 per year residual income in IBV Commissions.  

The total of both these commissions = $104,000 per year in residual income in 1 year – building the business part-time!!!  

This does not include Retail Profits, Bonuses, or Tax Advantages.  Go just one more quarter with the same results and your income jumps to over $150,000 per year with 162 partners.  This is just partnering with 2 people per quarter and duplicating that across your organization.

With the Shopping Annuity now a reality, the business has become attractive to many more people.  The business is simply about converting your current spending into earning.  We then digitally link our households together and combine our collective buying power to create a residual income stream by buying the things we purchase in our normal daily lives.

Many people will say “all of this is just too good to be true.  This does not happen for most people.”  First, it’s as good as it is executed.  The math does not lie.  The plan has been “working” since 1992.  The plan works – if you work the plan.  The plan can’t make people do what they are supposed to do.  But that’s not the fault of the plan.  The variable is the people.  The people determine if they are going to implement the plan and let it work.  

The difference today is the Shopping Annuity.  Now the average person has a much better opportunity to execute the plan as it was intended.  The training and support tools have been developed and are now all focused on building a Shopping Annuity and maximum leverage.

The MA University concept means that you can work the segment of the Unfranchise Business you like the most, and then partner with other people and let them choose their own vertical markets to build the business.  Now you have partners all working together in several billion dollar – repeat purchasing – vertical markets generating and sharing Business Volume at 100%.

Whether you are just looking for some additional monthly income to help pay some bills, creating a stronger retirement plan, or achieving wealth with     Time and Financial Freedom – The Unfranchise Business with Market America / enables you to determine your future on your terms, in your time frame.  

All you have to do is – “Get Going!”



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