March 8th, 2019

Inspiring Leadership: Carl Eklund and The Goode’s

Team, I have another great communication to share with you showing what real UnFranchise leaders do to inspire success among their team and fellow entrepreneurs. Carl Eklund is a tremendous leader and ambassador for the Shopping Annuity who inspires success among everyone he encounters. Great leaders always make their team better by helping to create new leaders, and that exactly what we have with Carl and Pat and Delene Goode. I’ve included below my communication with Carl along with some great pics from a recent event with the Goode’s. This is what leaders do – build in the trenches! It’s the same thing I do, and the same thing hyper-successful UnFranchise Owners like Elizabeth Weber do as well.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


My message to Carl Eklund:

I just got a message of tremendous appreciation and praise of your “Goosing” it with Goode’s and that it made them feel so good and boosted their confidence and happiness to a new level. I believe they are diamonds in the rough and will make it and will be tremendous examples of overcoming being a chicken or duck at one time.

I want to commend you and thank you for being big enough to put whatever was not right aside and make it right and try to do things differently like the geese.  When it catches, it will never stop.

I just wanted to say I am impressed and very happy to hear this. I hear a lot of good things are beginning to happen and the tide is beginning to turn as the new way starts to feel more comfortable for you and your partners and teams.

Elizabeth is also impressed with your dedication, effort and the fact that you are working on doing it differently the way we built it. It will pay off. Be patient and be strong. Most importantly remember rule number 1 is to have fun!

You are destined for greatness in the business and have turned the corner and are about to take flight in the “V” formation which gets you there faster with less effort and allow you to go much further!

Keep Growing,

I believe in you!



Carl’s Response:

Thank you, JR this area has always been a great place, to build but they are all waiting for someone to lead the geese … I will plan on being here regularly until I create true leaders … I purposely had several people do the trainings and plans with me which is helping to create local leaders. I had another packed HBP last night with another group (Kevin and Becky Byer) we are growing into another area of NY state where we can get them ALL started right …. I have taken everything you and Loren said to me to heart and I will do my best to teach your way of building … and most important we are all having fun!!!!


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  1. Joe Cirillo says:

    JR, I would like to send you a tee shirt I think youay like. Please let me know where I should send it . Thank you for all you do for us

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