April 13th, 2017

Industry Leader: Market America’s Aaron Benton Recognized as Couchbase Community Champion

The retail world is currently undergoing a massive paradigm shift that we’ve been talking about for many years now. As the world shifts to online retail the traditional ways of doing things are being replaced by new processes and tools that allow us to use cutting edge technology to deliver the best possible shopping experience. For years Market America and SHOP.COM have been leading the parade because we’ve always understood just how critical it is to not only hire the best and brightest minds but to also put them in a position to flourish. Only in an environment like that can you hope to stay ahead of the curve and lead the social shopping revolution.

Our Mobile Development team, for instance, has been doing some incredible work as they create and implement the latest technologies utilized everyday by our customers and UnFranchise Owners. We always seek to hire the best and brightest minds in the industry, and our mobile app architect Aaron Benton is a sterling example of that practice at work. Aaron is a key developer for us and is behind many of our cutting edge tools and advancements – but we’re not the only ones who appreciate his great work and recognize Aaron as a truly special talent.

I’m happy to say Aaron has been recognized as a Couchbase Community Champion – which is quite an honor for developers and shows Aaron is more than just a leader at Market America – he’s an industry leader with knowledge to share with others. As an industry expert Aaron has been featured on the Couchbase blog – offering his insights into generating fake data to develop and refine the systems he creates. It may be a dense topic matter for many of us but it’s still very interesting to see what some of our corporate employees are able to accomplish.

Congratulations to Aaron Benton for being featured as a Couchbase Community Champion! He’s currently writing a five part blog series – with the first four articles already published on the Couchbase Blog. I’ve included the links to these fascinating posts here just to give you an idea of the innovative solutions Aaron has developed:

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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