March 12th, 2019

Imprinting Success with Creative UnFranchise Owners

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen some incredible things from UnFranchise Owners around the world which show just how much this Goose/Imprinting analogy has reverberated and resonated within the field. From flying in V-formation with your teams, to sharing creative t-shirt ideas, I’ve seen some really fun and inspirational ways UnFranchise Owners have celebrated and highlighted the geese procession. Below you’ll find just a few examples of some of the creative ways I’ve seen UnFranchise Owners show their UFO DNA with the V-formation and Goose/Imprinting analogy.

A special thanks to Joe Cirillo for sharing his team’s incredible Geese t-shirt – which is not only a great way to reinforce the concepts which matter to our success, but also help spark a conversation about your business! In addition to that, I’ve also included a great picture from Jeff and Marie Colvin showing their flock in formation. Thanks so much for sharing and for helping to reinforce these crucial concepts for us on social media. Not to be outdone, Eugene Tampus and the team also showed us how they fly in V-formation. Sharing this type of fun content with your team is a great way to highlight the concepts which make our business soar – not to mention it’s also a great conversation starter when you post on social media!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Joe Cirillo’s team came up with these created Geese Imprinting shirts!


Jeff and Marie Colvin showing their flock in formation.



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  1. Ellen Hunt says:

    Anyone who was at MAWC2019 , didn’t feel changed immensely, they lacked a heartbeat ! I cannot express how the “imprinting “ concept has a profound effect on an individual,and a team . Belief is a powerful thing , when you choose to be different than others ,you set out on a course of discovery, mastery ,and not accepting “status quo” ,thank you JR ,and corporate team for the business opportunity,that allows anyone who wants a better life to create it ❤️ Ellen H

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