Happy Birthday Marty Weissman

Today is a very special day for our UnFranchise Family as we celebrate Marty Weissman’s Birthday!!! Marty has been with us since the beginning, and you will never find a more loyal or brilliant friend & mentor. Marty is a huge player behind these scenes and is a driving force in our business as an entrepreneurial All Star and an unparalleled product development guru. 

While Marty is without question an insightful and visionary entrepreneur, it’s what lies in his heart which makes him truly special. We owe so much of our success to Marty’s leadership and expertise; I can’t help but think that his efforts have touched the lives of every UnFranchise Owner around the world. That’s what people power and business leadership is all about! 

Happy Birthday, Marty Weissman – YOU are a gift to our business because you help make the hopes and dreams of people around the world a tangible reality! We love you, Marty!!! Happy Birthday, my friend!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger