February 16th, 2019

Elizabeth Weber: A Magical, Powerful, Impactful World Conference

I’d like to share with you a very powerful and important message I received from an UnFranchise icon, top earner, and entrepreneurial pioneer, Elizabeth Weber. We built the business together years ago and are replicating that same excitement and growth again today, only this time we’re doing it for fun. Elizabeth’s message is representative of the huge paradigm shift in the thinking, belief, and motivation of UnFranchise Owners as a result of the lessons learned at MAWC2019. People are really starting to get it and that excitement is contagious. Timing is everything and we are about to experience exponential growth with the Shopping Annuity and IBV plans working synergistically to drive our success. People like Elizabeth are fully aware to the growth potential at our fingertips, and as a result we’re seeing many UnFranchise Pioneers reinvigorated and building like they did years ago.

For years I tried to get the field as well as our executive team rowing in the same direction, with the idea we want to be the world’s first Shopping Annuity – not another Amazon. These were uphill battles, and at times it felt my relentless battles made little progress alone. You were tired of hearing it and the field was struggling. But it was more than just that. It was also about identifying and treating the “cancer” of Auctions and MPCP Manipulation that took a huge effort to combat. These harmful practices were overcome through Loren’s leadership and one of the greatest team efforts in the history of the company. It took many UnFranchise Owners working together to overcome this challenge, and I was honored to see the teamwork and tenacity displayed by UFOs and leaders around the world.

Thankfully, those challenges are mostly behind us now. Much of miraculous new Market America Identity and the renewed excitement that resulted is due to Marc Ashley’s brilliant leadership, his forward-thinking approach to business, and just “getting it.” I would be remiss not to applaud Loren’s love and motivation for the field in bringing everyone together and galvanizing the “will to do it” to help us succeed as a team. It took all of us working together, person by person – and I thank everyone who helped make this happen. As a result, our company is stronger and more united in our purpose than ever before.

In reading your feedback from World Conference, I’ve sensed a huge boost in the belief and excitement of the field – due in large part to our focus on developing new Shopping Annuity Brand products, bringing new Super IBV products onboard, new optimized deals with suppliers in food, restaurants, travel, elimination of affiliates and partners that don’t work, new search philosophy and design, better UI and uberization, rework of the SA/SAMM/IBV – MPCP, and the executive sales team reconnecting with the field. All of this came together and helped make magic at MAWC2019, and I must thank Marc Ashley for doing a tremendous job delivering it all. He’s the quarterback of our team and a driving force behind our overall success.

To my dismay and surprise, I think that “Imprinting” (Chickens, Ducks, Geese) opened peoples’ eyes and provided a new opportunity to start again with a fresh understanding and hope for the future. It’s about letting go of past mistakes and failures and instead focusing on imprinting and duplicating the right things like a successful Goose. When you do something that makes sense you start to believe you can do it – and that’s what sparks that billionth of a volt. Many UFOs experienced a wakeup call at World Conference and are beginning to see they can program their brain to change their life. Amazing things begin to happen when you put the “big rocks” in first. It allows life to just happen but with their goals and dreams happening first (and it all still fits somehow). Now, so many will “Face the Giant” and “give it their all” with “blinders on” and there is an avalanche of commitments coming in like never before.

The personal reconnection and leadership of the executive sales team with key UnFranchise Leader and the Business Building Prospecting Workshops being done by the EST is coming along at the perfect time.  I like to think that Loren and my efforts to be back in the field working the business in the homes and with our “U4 Therapy Sessions” had a lot to with it, but one thing that is for sure is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and with one part missing these MAGIC MOMENTS and NEW ERA would not have happened. I just want to thank everyone and pray that it will continue because we can change the world now and we are about to reach unstoppable momentum. Buckle your seatbelts for the ride of a lifetime. Let’s HAVE FUN. Congratulations and Our Sincerest Thank You! We are very grateful and humbled.

I believe in you!

-JR Ridinger




Special Message from Elizabeth Weber: A Magical, Powerful, Impactful World Conference

Dear JR,

I know I don’t need to tell you what happened this time last weekend because I know you feel what I have been feeling ever since.  It was a magical World Conference and you were phenomenal, the best I have ever seen you.  Everyone on that stage was outstanding and I didn’t want it to end; I wanted more.  Not only is the company on the same page with its UFO’s, but every single UFO in attendance is on the same page with the company’s vision as well.   This is a global phenomenon and collectively I believe we will get it done during our lifetime – that’s my mission and the company’s vision is my WHY.

To be honest JR, much of my why is to be back in the trenches with YOU and Rick by my side fulfilling your lifelong dream to change the world with the Shopping Annuity. The memories are priceless to me and I would like nothing more than to finish with you what we started!  I have never lost faith in you as your passion is infectious and has been part of my DNA since the very beginning. I’m different now after that event, my belief in the MPCP rejuvenated as a result of the changes ahead.  You were amazing as your message was clear, genuine, and heartfelt.  I know what I felt and I can assure you it was felt throughout the arena. I can still feel the energy and I see the light!!! Rick is by my side which makes it even more meaningful, more fun and that much sweeter.

One of the most important aspects of the final run for us is that we have a blast just like we did before. We stay consistently consistent and on task; we focus on developing leaders for the next generations to come… I know what our mission is and I don’t want to waste any more of our time accomplishing it. You know my motto “It’s only a matter of time when that happens”!  I’m giving it my ALL and “I’M ALL IN” LIKE NEVER BEFORE. I stole that from the Clemson Tigers Football Team! I can truly see an arena full of Directors with the Shopping Annuity being a household name!! I feel you and I have always been connected spiritually and, in my opinion, put on this earth to make a positive difference in people’s lives. You have successfully created and continue to create the vehicle by which we can do exactly that; I’m excited to stay the course and finish what we started, leaving an incredible legacy for others to follow.

Let’s show the world that with the right mindset how dreams are a mere glimpse of one’s future achievements. As you always say, it’s an idea whose time has come with a realistic vehicle that the average person supported by the right leadership can successfully build changing their lives and more importantly the lives of others. I am as excited as I was in the very beginning and feel blessed to still have the health, energy and stamina to get this done.  I love you and Loren so much and will forever be grateful for the love and loyalty you have shown me and those that play a huge role in my life. We are truly a family. I’m thankful we are still on this earth to see it through and know this company is part of God’s plan, we being his disciples with Tony and Jerry are watching over us every step of the way!

Thanks for being you, a beacon of light for everyone to follow.   You can rest assured I will always be by your side helping to chart the way.

Much Love and Respect,




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  1. This company has always been light years ahead of its time! We are changing the global economy one family at a time. So proud to be a part of it and be able to help others. The shopping annuity has finally landed and the world will never be the same once one opens his/her eyes and embraces it!

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