January 21st, 2020

Don Martin Update: Building Momentum for Massive Success in 2020

Team, I’d like to share with you a tremendous update I received this past weekend from Don Martin which highlights some of the incredible momentum they’ve established so far in 2020. These are truly exciting times to be an UnFranchise Owner, and I love reading updates like this because it motivates and inspires us all! Congratulations to Don Martin & Co. who’ve been tearing it up in the U.S. and U.K.! Have a look below at Don’s excellent update along with some great pics of the people who are making it happen with the UnFranchise! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

Message from Don Martin:

Hello to you all on this early Sunday morning.  

I just got home from a 2-day run doing ABC meetings and a basic 5 in Virginia Beach with Gina Connor and team along with some other local area teams plugging in with us and wanted to give you all an update since my last update right before Christmas. As you know, We had some of the most momentum we have had in years from our last special session in Sept until Christmas Eve and although that final 10 days of the year slowed down a bit as it typically does from just before Christmas until new year, we did a holiday party with our local team and also a goal setting and dream board session during the holiday (pics attached) week then things immediately picked right back up right after new year across the team both in the US and also the UK.  

A good majority of the leaders from the special sessions attendance are setting the pace and example for the whole team to follow and there are a lot of exciting things happening that are beginning to compound, imprint and repeat and I honestly see a record-breaking year for this crew in store because truly we have built a whole new resurrected culture.  I’m so all in right now it’s crazy.  Something snapped in me and this year just feels totally different.  We are pushing hard a culture of the consistent evaluation approach leading to live in-person home to home plan showings and face to face meetings and team building meetings together that is fueling it and setting the vision and expectation of success across the entire team because they are doing the work and paying the price of success. 

In the UK, several of our prior leaders who built our team with us are back and all in with me and the momentum is back.  It is so exciting there right now. In the US, great stuff too!   these photos Attached are an example of all the ABC meetings, trial run meetings, and plan showings and you will recognize many of them and some you won’t because they are new but imprinted and duplicating.  Finally, we are shifting gears for the next 3 weeks a bit with the main focus and the absolute number 1 goal for this all is getting everyone to Miami for WC.   

Just a reminder, Andrew, as you requested updated info from team,  all of the numbers from our group are in real time in the google doc links I sent you all before Christmas still so you can click those for the updates of numbers until your new reporting process is complete and ready.  All in all, I hope you enjoy these pics and I want you to know. A lot of this is a direct reflection of your pouring into our team on the special sessions in CT so we can’t thank you enough in any better way than going all in as we have.  Enjoy the pics and let me know if you want any other details.  Oh lastly, slowly I’m getting Bob and Ray Both more engaged.  Bob had a guest with him on Tuesday at the UBP and I’m doing it (trial run) with him and Ray and I met and set a strategy and I’m pushing to get the inertia with him set in motion.  I’ll keep you in the loop with them as well. 

Ok here’s the pics.  Thx see you in Miami!  Let me know if I can share a segment in Miami that I know is needed across the company.  I have never asked to speak before but I have a message that I have been sharing at every opportunity that is making a big difference regarding people focusing on reengaging in face to face meetings, eliminating the draw of short cuts through technology that doesn’t imprint and duplicate properly,  and promoting direct communication and relationship building opportunities all while imprinting the trial run meetings in person home to home then utilizing the GMTSS meeting system and tickets to build solid belief and install scalable education through the growing teams.   

Anyway. Enjoy the pics these are all great.

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