April 22nd, 2020

Don Martin: Old School Audios

I got this great message from Don Martin and had to pass it along because I couldn’t help but think how true it is. It’s a perfect reminder of where we came from and that is what we did in the beginning to educate and inspire. Listening to these tapes & CDs seem old school now, but it was like eating and breathing for us.

Those same principles still apply today, only instead of tapes we have MP3s, Zoom webinars, Facebook Live, and other digital tools to help us learn and grow. Taking time to learn each day, whether from old school audios or whatever new medium you utilize, has helped so many people generate lasting success with the UnFranchise.

By using powerful learning tools like YouTube, MP3s, Social Media & Zoom you have that same opportunity today with new ways to learn and grow. It is as applicable as ever today and during these times of pandemic UFO’s should be feeding their minds anyway! Now is the time to work together with your team doing the evaluation approach and qualifying people with the choice of residual income! With the digital resources we have today, it’s easier than ever to accomplish this! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Message from Don Martin:

Hey JR,

Came across these and had to share with you. Really wish I would have kept more of the tapes because I had boxes full but as I moved my office, I came across these and made me reflect how powerful listening to a “tape” a day was back then, and nothing has changed. It’s just listening into an audio or tuning into a zoom video daily. The ability to listen to an audio while doing something else is what makes it so powerful and something you don’t need extra time to do. I’m filling a picture frame up with these as a reminder of where we came from and what it will always take to fill the mind and have the right mindset and attitude daily while meshing the business in with your everyday life.

Cheers stay safe,


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