April 3rd, 2019

Creating Future Success with IBV and the SAMM Program

I just received an excellent message from Bonnie Philo which really exemplifies the right mindset for massive success. This is refreshing and the right point of view and attitude! This is what creates the future and success with the SA, SAMM and IBV. The IBV plan was never meant or needed for BV products and is illogical and a mistake. It makes NO sense whatsoever and is counterproductive. We have changed the focus of the SA, SAMM, and IBV plan to earning IBV checks and adding higher IBV products and items at equal or lower prices with free shipping and higher IBV (often 25% to 50% plus). Its money one has to spend anyway over 3 months.

We are also in the process of adding 50- 100 top selling or volume items that your surveys show everyone buys. Tell us what you all will buy and we will get it! You have to use what we have now that really works to earn checks – like SABV, Super IBV, food, travel, resturant.com, ambassador’s choice products, etc. to qualify 10-20-30 and work toward SAMM and hit IBV checks!

It reminds me of when we began and had few products and came out with Thermochrome 5000. It was only one product and not what every UFO wanted or needed – but it worked and made the MPCP work and pay while we found and added other products like Motives, Isotonix, OPC-3, etc. 

I am asking any UFO that believes in the plan and us to go for it and jump on board by using and ordering the IBV products and deals shown at WC to qualify 10-20-30 and work toward hitting the SAMM, while we add 50-100 highest bought consumable products between now and next 3 months or by the IC.  It is easy if you look and try.  If there are products that you and your team will all buy tell us and commit and we will get them at the lowest cost and highest possible IBV.

Thanks for this message, Bonnie!  Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Take a look at Bonnie Philo’s message below – I think it’s a great example of the right mindset that leads to greater success and changes the future… 

Hi JR and Loren!

You look like you had a blast skiing! We are still in Orlando…Disney as always, amazing! God bless Market America and ongoing income…. its work but so worth it and works if you work it. And I took a break to hop on line and do some shopping and check out IBV! Wow… Super IBV is amazing and I only got to page 10! I think there are over 60 pages just for that. I love the brands which many I’m already using. I had to place an order anyway for many of these items.  And some are new to us and look so good we can’t wait to try them! And the best is we work smart…building the business, supporting others, accruing ibv, earning checks. We wouldn’t buy meat from a supermarket if we owned a butcher. And one of our team partners, Daniela Chikar, just reached out and first time, hit SAMM! 


Enjoy! …. all the best!


Bonnie Philo

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