July 27th, 2018

Celebrating the Entrepreneur Lifestyle on UnFranchise.com

Team, I’ve got a very special announcement to share with you concerning a great new feature on UnFranchise.com which highlights YOUR experiences and journey as entrepreneurs. Below you’ll find out more about this exciting new initiative that allows us to celebrate the UnFranchise Lifestyle and support one another on UnFranchise.com. Share this with your team so everyone knows about this incredible new opportunity to have your content featured on UnFranchise.com

Some of the most memorable moments at UBPs, Local Seminars, Regionals and Major events are when you the UnFranchise Owners share your stories!  It’s not about when you get into the business, it’s about when the business gets into you. People logically understand that the business opportunity is solid, the products are incredible and the profitability and earning potential is there. But it isn’t until they believe that they can do it that they truly start to work toward their goals. The stories of success resonate with people in a way that makes it real for them and empowers them to pursue their dreams.

The new Lifestyle page on UnFranchise is a place where UFOs can see success and build belief. Every day, UnFranchise Owners are sharing their thoughts on Instagram about their belief, their why, their favorite parts of the business, favorite products and the lifestyle the business affords them. We are now sharing these posts and putting them in one centralized place on UnFranchise. Why?

  • Build Belief by sharing real life stories of success.
  • Increase Product Awareness by sharing how people use the products and why they love them
  • Create Business culture by sharing how people are building their business to achieve their dreams.

You must succeed so others can believe and succeed too – and sharing your success stories and experiences along your entrepreneurial journey is a fabulous way to support and inspire one another. All you have to do is use the hashtag combinations below, so we can find your content and feature it on UnFranchise.

  • #mywhy, #shoppingannuity
  • #mybelief, #shoppingannuity
  • #mybusiness, #shoppingannuity
  • #lifestyle, #shoppingannuity

Add this simple step and post today!  Visit UnFranchise, select the help and training tab, select UF Lifestyle to view the new Lifestyle page today!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


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