June 7th, 2019

Business Building: The Missing Link for Success with the Evaluation Technique

Team, I’d like to share with you an incredible update from Beth & Pip Black which talks about their discovery of the missing link for their UnFranchise success with the evaluation technique. They were part of one of our recent Founders Sessions on Utopia IV and truly benefitted from this great learning opportunity. This is such a powerful message; I feel everyone should have the chance to see it and learn from them – because this is nothing short of fantastic.

It inspires me to hear this and see they are imprinting with the new possibilities. What is set in motion carries in motion – and they know no other way! This message is rich in hope and experiential light and insight. Thanks for giving it your best and making it happen! The best is yet to come as it takes a season before the Geese take flight in formation and migrate to Residual Income Land! Keep me posted and have FUN!

Below you’ll find a few great messages from Beth and Pip Black which provide some encouraging progress and updates – as well as a message from Elizabeth Weber which I feel really encapsulates what being a leader is all about – being there for your team, offering insights and advice, and helping everyone succeed together. That’s what it’s all about – and few people are better at it than Elizabeth! I normally wouldn’t include emails like this but its filled with valuable information which all UnFranchise Owners could benefit from, plus you get to see a glimpse of how leaders like Elizabeth Weber operate and inspires their team to achieve great things!

Keep Growing, I believe in you!


Special Message from Beth & Pip Black:

Hello All, 

It’s been 5 weeks since SERC and 3 1/2 since Utopia and it is very clear to us that we found the missing link in our business which is VERY exciting!  I don’t know how many times we watched and listened to the evaluation approach but never really understood how to implement it.  After WC and the release of your JR’s Close and then seeing it again at SERC, we have been putting it into play ourselves with our newest partners and working with those partners who have been willing to work and it is definitely paying off.  We have more quality activity going on in our business than we feel we’ve experienced in a very long time, possibly ever.

This past week we went to the west coast of Florida to meet with a man who is a business broker (boyfriend of an old neighbor from years ago) who we’ve been dancing with for a few weeks by phone and screen share.  A great meeting turned into him attending a HBP we were doing in the Sarasota area on Monday night and purchasing a ticket to the local on June 22nd in Clearwater and a Daily Essentials Kit.  He is working on gathering some people for a wellness 101 and business evaluations.  His sister in Chicago was a previous owner of a network marketing company and has given her thumbs up to her brother.  Hope to chat with her sometime soon.

Our HBP Monday night was for a long-term customer (16 years) who recently had a change of life and is has been looking at the business for a few weeks.  She had 20 guests at her HBP (she is not a UFO yet), we booked 3 follow-ups immediately that night to attend the UBP on Tuesday night and all 3 booked follow-ups with us for the next step which we are working on now.  She followed up with all guests who attended and booked another 2 follow-ups for us and is already moving Isotonix – sold 2 bottles today!  Also, one of our partners from the Clearwater area brought a guest to Monday’s HBP and he has also booked a follow-up and is interested in attending the Tampa local seminar as well.

Wednesday we drove to Clearwater before heading back to Jacksonville to meet with another long-term customer who owns a very successful accounting firm.  We chatted by phone a week ago regarding the business, had a great lunch meeting with him and have another follow-up to lead to his people this Sunday.

So grateful to have learned the missing parts to the evaluation technique.  We haven’t perfected it by any means, but we are working on it and have a few team partners who are studying it and implementing it as well.  Thank you for everything!!

Live Well,

Beth & Pip

Follow Up Message from Beth & Pip Black:

Thank you all for offering your assistance – it is GREATLY appreciated!!  Just knowing someone is watching who cares is huge and we are focused and determined to help create more leaders in our team as well as the company.  We are open to your coaching and below is a quick update of last 5 days.

In addition to working with a few key partners on our team and doing 3-way calls with them, we have a few of our own on trial runs.  JR, to answer your questions:

1.  We are using the accountability and tracking forms but weren’t sure how to share the entire team activity with you which is why I typed it in a summary email.  Would you like us to send you a copy of our weekly sheet with any additional quality info from the team?  We didn’t want to bog you all down with our sheet but can easily submit it if you care to put your eyes on it.   We’ve not seen the trial run sheet before but assume we are to track each person we have on a trial run and who they are leading us to each week….is that correct?  We do not see it as busy work at all but know if we track our progress and are held accountable, we take more action.

2. We believe we have an action plan in place to get us back to NSC income level and beyond however because our organization looks different than most others (started with just one BDC and our 003 is down our left side and 002 on our right -not actively building the inside of that right now) we have often times been confused as to what our strategic steps should be so we will welcome any insight and coaching there. We are currently focused on developing our 003 L and R which feeds our 001L to get it to a solid 5000 every week – it hits it some weeks and other times, it’s taking 2 weeks unless we put lots of BV in ourselves – which isn’t always a problem because we have tons of customers who purchase regularly so we always can move it.  We recently added another couple on our 001R for some security (and feel we need to add more there as time goes along) as our right side is where Sheryl Duchess’ organization is.  We typically roll 5000BV up 001R each week, but it is not always solid before Fridays hit which is what we want to accomplish.

Sorry for the length of this but wanted to be sure to answer your questions.

Progress in past 5 days:

1.  Prospect in St Pete, FL (business broker) very interested in the business.  Did a 3 way call with his Sister-in-law who co-founded AtHome America MLM many years ago and was CEO of that for 10 years until it closed it’s doors in 2012.  She had great questions on our call Monday and is reviewing the information we sent her.  I’ve offered a 3 way call with her as the next step (thinking this would be a good connect with either Elizabeth or JR).  She is working currently with our prospect in business brokering and they are both looking for more consistent income streams.   (prospect has ticket to June 22 Tampa local)

2.  Prospect in Sarasota, FL area who is an older woman who has been a GREAT customer for years.  She is hard of hearing so we’ve had some challenges but she is leading us to people so we will see what this brings.  (has ticket to June 22 Tampa local)

3.  Prospect in Clearwater, FL who owns an accounting firm and has also been a customer for years.  He is very interested but spouse isn’t on board with him taking on one more thing so we are doing the dance (working to get him committed to either the Tampa local and/or a wellness event we are planning with Laura Cummings (MC from Utopia training)

4.  Had a nutraMetrix discovery meeting with a chiropractor today and he is very interested in learning more.  Have an appointment to present a proposal next Tuesday.

Getting out and meeting people around Jacksonville (our new home area) now that we are here for a few weeks before traveling again so we have plenty of people in the funnel.  We need to continue moving people forward so we can be showing the plan at least 2 times per week consistently to qualified candidates.

-Beth and Pip Black

Response from Elizabeth Weber:


                Sounds like you’re doing great and on track. Yes, you are correct.  You need to fill out that trial run sheet on every person you have that has agreed to do the trial run.  The way I’m doing it so it’s easy to track is once they become a UFO, they go onto the master ABC Pattern (Andrew has been working on this and has done a great job.  It’s a sheet that has a lot more boxes to list people.  It just makes it easy to read and understand. 

                I would be happy to do any three-way calls with you.  I would just need a bio sheet and text me a few times.  It’s been my life these days but it’s working.  Always good to leverage and get them to the next step. You are doing great getting them to the events!!!  That is, as we know, the only shortcut to success; so that’s awesome.

                Just a few tips, always get people to lead to people whenever possible right from the get go.  Whenever I book something, I always say, please feel free to bring someone with you to evaluate it.  Two heads are better than one and you don’t have to travel alone.  Most people actually like bringing someone with them whether it’s their spouse, best friend, parent, etc.  Invite in a casual way.  Usually people won’t ask if they can bring someone because they feel like they’re imposing, but they actually are positive when you extend the invite. This way, you’re getting them to lead you to people right away.  Always get them thinking of people as you are giving them an overview and/or showing the plan.  When you get to Activate, take a mental note of the two names they give you to activate with and ask questions about them.  After you show it, you may say, why don’t we give so and so a call. Text them first, and let’s book something to have them evaluate it.  Coach them on what to say.  That’s the trial run, no decision close, but the sooner you get them to lead you to people, the better.  I’m just giving you some tips that work for me and many others.  You may already be doing this, but if not, try it out.  I’d be happy to talk to you at any point about this because I could go on and on.    

               Anyway, Beth, I think you’re an awesome leader and any way I can help, I’m here!!!  Any questions just give me a shout.

Love, Elizabeth

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