January 3rd, 2020

Brainspanking: Programming Yourself to be a Hopeless Success

One of my favorite aspects of the UnFranchise Business is the fact that even though the modern economy remains dynamic and ever-changing with new markets to access and new product breakthroughs constantly emerging and changing the paradigm – the core principles which make the UnFranchise an unparalleled entrepreneurial opportunity have always remained the same. 

While much has changed about the world, the concepts we’ve been teaching and presenting have remained true since our inception and have helped people all over the world build economic prosperity through ongoing income with the UnFranchise. One concept that we often reference is the idea of Programming Yourself to be a Hopeless Success – and it’s something I’ve been speaking about for nearly 20 years.

In fact, we’ve been combing through the archives and digging up some real audio gems from the past, and my good friend Don Martin recently sent me a classic recording where I speak in great detail about Programming Yourself to be a Hopeless Success. To get an idea of the impact this audio made for Don and the value it provides for UnFranchise Owners, I’ve included his insights here: 

“There have been many instances of JR speaking about programming your mind to become a hopeless success, and this particular clip, from my perspective, captures JR at his absolute best. He depicted every single aspect in the most relatable and impactful manner possible. It really highlights the science behind how the brain & mind work. The insights JR provides here translate directing into all aspects of life, so the impact of this audio reverberates well beyond the scope of the UnFranchise business. It provides information and perspectives on programming your brain which can help people from all walks of life. It’s really amazing when you consider this audio came about nearly 15-20 years ago, but you hear some of the same concepts about programming your mind on popular podcasts today. JR has always been ahead of the curve, and it would seem this is just another incredible example of that. Truly a man ahead of his time.” 

Thanks to Don Martin for sharing his thoughts and perspectives on this empowering audio about Programming Yourself to be a Hopeless Success, which has been split into two parts for your consumption/convenience. You can access these important audios now on UnFranchise.com by following the links below:

In addition to these two new audio clips, I’ve also included below the original “Dead Sea Scrolls” audios which provide some timeless tips, insights and perspectives to help you achieve greatness with the UnFranchise:

Be sure to review this classic audio series because it will help you form a more complete understanding of the concepts which drive our global success by empowering entrepreneurs and helping everyone program themselves to become a hopeless success. Your mind is essentially a supercomputer to be sure to program it the right way by reviewing these utterly crucial audios! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

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