November 18th, 2019

Becoming a Hopeless Success Through the 90 Day Fast Track

Team, I’d like to share with you another tremendous update I received from Don & Lisa Martin’s team – who are crushing their 90 Day Fast Track and becoming a “hopeless success” team. I love seeing it work out for them, and a big part of that is the fact the timing clicked for everyone and as a result they all stayed with the program for 90 days. This is another great success story (similar to the Haskins’ story) which shows UFOs the highest level or “champion belt” as they move toward hitting FVP. I have so much faith in them and it’s truly inspiring to see UFOs so energized about the business. 

The UnFranchise is built from the bottom up so it’s significant that many UFOs are growing and hitting new levels by getting the process going and starting the ABC pattern. When done right it results in imprinting and geese flying in the V-formation! The most important thing of all is everyone is having fun doing it. Take a moment to read Don’s message below, along with some great pics of the team. Beneath that I’ve included some of the specific tips I gave his team, which I feel can benefit everyone. 

Congratulations to Don and Lisa and the entire team for your dedication and belief! The fact that you have two legs growing significantly is further proof of the power of our business system when combined with belief and action! This is how we build the business! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

Don and Lisa Martin’s Team: 

Special Message from Don Martin:

Hey JR and Loren, 

Wanted to share with you both some of the results that we have had emerge through the past 2 months with our “becoming a hopeless success 90-day fast track teams” that attended a special session then committed to the 90-day accountability fast track.

Firstly, in just the past 8 weeks we have had 5 new pin levels achieved in the group which has me so excited. Also, we have 1 person that is about to go from executive to Senior Master by next Friday also that is doing literally everything right and duplicating/imprinting it with her team perfectly.  I will not be surprised in the least if we have 20-30 new UnFranchise levels by the end of the year or at the latest by end of January through the special session teams because of the success being so contagious to all of the team members seeing it happen and following the lead of those setting the pace and doing the evaluation approach, trail run, no decision close and following up in 72 hours max.

As you know not everyone is fully on the track because of life and timing, and I know when their timing adjusts right they will be back, but those committing and staying the course are getting massive results and I know this will imprint and repeat into a tidal wave of inspired growth across the entire team as it compounds. I will send you over the weekly tracking sheet that we have been using via google docs showing the activities and correlated results so you can see what each individual has been doing so far and how their actions correlate with the results they are seeing.  It is so obvious that the work leads to the results every time…

HERE IS WHAT IS SO POWERFUL ABOUT ALL OF THIS regarding our personal business.  We have gotten 2 legs that were once over 5k biweekly that dropped down to approximately 3500-4000bv a week built back up to both over 5k BV weekly again and tons of momentum in it as we will be requalifying for our pin level and going right into the next one FAST and ill pour it on to go the FIELD VP and onward by mid 2020.  I am so pumped to see people getting it and imprinting it all and sharing the vision with others and doing it right because it’s just what we do now and its second nature now.

I am sharing with everyone about You JR and Andrew being on with us on the team call on Monday night.  I would love to get all attendees to renew their commitment and take the next 90 days which goes right into WC in Miami on the fast track team from the call Monday.  I really appreciate you guys willingness to just on. This is just the beginning.

Yours in success,
Don Martin

My Message to Don’s Team After Our Recent Training:

It was a great couple day of meeting and talking and I see progress being made.  My goal is to make this more systemized and saleable in order to reach more people and imprint and duplicate faster.  We are making progress and it is working.  A lot of ideas and solutions and goals were discussed while together and I wanted to try to capture it in list.  You can add to this list or comment on any of the items. This is what came to mind when I sat down and reviewed. If there is anyone else that needs to get this – let me know. If I missed some major points or “to do” here please let me know.

1. Systemize and standardize the org diagram and action plan creation or development process so they all use the same general symbols and diagram elements and colors or shapes.  Define the parameters or descriptions of what they mean and the steps of the process in making such a diagram (I have basically defined the process in PDFs and PowerPoints, and they can be used, refined and finetuned).

  1.  It may be helpful to do a tutorial (video or digital step by step walking them through it)
  2.  We can consider doing a webinar- pod cast – Facebook live – or go now game plan type of session on this.
  3.  Get the org charts + action plans done in JR ‘s format for each 90 DFT group and the sub major leaders of legs.  We are still in process or waiting on Yentsch, Lawrence, Guido.

2. Systemization and standardization of the accountability reporting from UFO participants of the 90 DFT program participants folders and submissions including: Beginning or Start up:

  1.  Prerequisite forms and docs submissions (originals)
     *   JR’s response: evaluation, recommendations and mark ups of these forms. This needs to be in a separate folder or identified as separate with or after the submitted original doc.
     *   Both of these go in the digital format or application being developed.
  2.  Partners established: Identify their partners to do the evaluation approach.
  3.  Report Teams formed: Identify or report as it happens any teams doing this together.
     *   Sub- leaders and branches – separate smaller org diagrams if warranted or needed.
     *   Mark ups done by JR.  Questions stated
     *   Go over with our internal team .
     *   Send to the 90 DFT team leader(s)
     *   They develop (if not already done) the sub plans for each of their key players that affect or roll into the bigger org diagram and goals to increase residual income and grow business to hit levels. They hit levels by getting their people to hit levels under them.  In this way everyone is rowing in one direction together at the same cadence.
     *   Determine what needs to be done and assignments and our internal team assigned task with the UFO’s
  5.  Weekly Group tallies on spread sheet showing individual running totals and group totals.  This is important for the weekly call and any update to the group or individuals from me or the team leader.  AW, DG or EST members or Team leaders are welcomed to comment as well.
  6.  Weekly individual UFO team member accountability updates on activity and progress:

     *   Evaluation approaches tracking (personal + group).  Spreadsheet
     *   Needs to note if evaluation overview appointment was held or UBO presented, if follow-up was booked and if the possibility or prospect booked a follow up to do the evaluation approach, 3-way calls, or trial run
     *   The diagram or form for evaluation approach, follow up, and trial runs into the ABC pattern is very important as little progress is made in the beginning (1st month) it is important in connecting the dots and I would like it to be required.
     *   Weekly activities and requirements progress report or form.
     *   Any email summaries , update from UFO, questions, etc. and my response or answer.
  1.  Weekly Update Accountability Reporting:  The system needs to be set up to show the group results and individual folders of reports and a section for the first time and any times in the future that I send out and answer or mark up and they need to be together and easy to find, mark up, edit and send back to them.
     *   We need to get everyone on this reporting format and system and go over it weekly and monthly as a team (the 3 or 4 of us), Weber on her teams, and anyone else necessary.  Then we can put out a message to the team if appropriate with the tip or thought for the week or the most relevant adjustment or best practice that needs to be focused upon.
     *   Every week we review the submissions and go over them with the team leader (s) of that 90 DFT team and session and then we can do one of 3 things:
     *   Split up written responses when we go over them and send them out
     *   Go over it with the team leader and let him/her write or call their people individually with the coaching.
     *   Weekly call amongst us and then 15 minutes with each leader of a 90 DFT team/group.  Someone has to be responsible to schedule them and make sure everyone has the data and or emails.
        *   Get on the phone with the team leader as what to do and JR or others address the ones that need it or that will benefit in a mark-up or written response.
        *   So this requires gathering the information and data or reports, making sure we all have it, everyone reviewing it, and scheduling a 15 minute meeting to review and decide what should be done: calls, written mark ups or messages or responses; and split it up amongst us.
        *   This could even be regimented and systemized to be reoccurring at the same time every week
  2.  Monthly reviews done by team and JR and the individual team leaders and marked up with summary recommendations coaching.  JR marks up the most significant ones and we assign the rest out to each internal member with the key points to do and send out (and call when appropriate or needed).

3. Finish the org charts and leader’s sub charts on Big AL, Lawrence, Guido.  Blacks resubmitted one that has to be done as well. Use the new agreed upon format to do this if it is ready –otherwise just do it the way we have been doing it.

4. Look at Amanda’s and above org chart and discuss possibilities (including Fat Joe and the connecting master org.  above)

  1.  Her response is not what I expected plus there is her plans and program underway in Conquer that plays into it.  I am going to meet with her or have a call within 2 weeks and discuss the things she brought up and explain what I thought might be possible. It may be helpful for you to participate in order to help follow up.
  2.  Decide if it is worth or needed to restructure the group and what you thought as possible and best. My objective was to create some marketing plan (MPCP) incentive with doing Conquer so it accomplished both things and I thought that might be possible with Joe, Dawn, ETC.
4. Bowling Org Chart and what info it provides.  Preliminary analysis of leaders, teams, organizations, “Go now” dedicated UFO leaders’ earnings and stability/security, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. I think you have seen enough of what I do and the process in order to understand what is needed.

  1.  Preliminary review by AW, DG, AA and or others (Ron, EST member, Buckman).
  2.  Make sure the report and org diagram have the data and information and diagraming that JR needs to do an in-depth review and analysis (like done with Weber and leaders of the 90 DFT programs.
  3.  An email letter to the group as a whole from JR as to what the situation is. And the plan to move forward.  Will be having summit meetings and conference over the next year.
     *   More instructive forward-looking letter to professionals and above encouraging them to reach out if they are ready to build with their goals, plan, situation, and any questions.
     *   More specific and personalized letters to each major team leader with preliminary plan of action
  4.  JR will do the analysis with you guys and work on the reports or evaluation and advise or recommendations.
e. Schedule group conference calls and summit meetings over next 6 months.

5. Data organizational MPCP genealogy Diagnostic tool to determine opportunities and locations in the organization where a leg is not secure, atrophied or dedicated and attempting to grow but does not have the necessary support and assistance.  These are excellent opportunities that can be identified to do the evaluation approach imprinting process ad pattern with existing UFO’s that would stimulate a whole line.

  1.  There are identifiable locations of BDC’s or UFO’s in the organization that are struggling and dedicated (or growing and isolated or orphaned without any credible or strong leader working with them to grow or use the process and pattern taught her to imprint
  2.  These people or locations are often in a larger organization where a higher UFO Levels “pin” or series of UFO levels in al line above assume that it is a secure or “cooked” leg because they get paid weekly because in a branch or leg under the person they think is the leader and they earn on is a string side that produces enough volume to be over and get paid but that  UFO has weak side or atrophying side that does barely cycles or does not cycle every week.  There is a “diamond in the rough” newer motivated naïve UFO, or a struggling UFO down there that could do the process and pattern but lacks confidence and experience.  It is very hard to start and do this all alone.  It requires partnering and teamwork.  I can define and describe the characteristics or parameters of this situation and the Brady type of search and report could work here and be very effective and productive.
     *   When this is done  we go up the line and make them aware of it and with the 90 DFT leader and the Upper pin level who benefits  (by increasing residual income if not maxed out, getting the leg to cycle weekly, or securing it by getting the UFO or those above them to cycle weekly securing the leg.
     *   If the upline refuses to do this and assist—it is a management responsibility infraction or failure and I will move to move them.  I can explain all of this.
  3.  Brady et al Outreach program and search software. The other tool based on activity and result producing activity fulfillment without eating or significant growth to identify opportunity and laces where the team or upline could implement this system and technique and start pattern and process could be very productive and useful.  Let’s try to narrow it to what works and test it ASAP

6. Assign Team group Leaders?: We could assign internal executive team group leaders (each of us) to each group to work with them hands on in the field and on the phone in communication with the goals to stay on top of it and grow the group to hit specific goals.  To experiment with this in discussion—which group would you take? IS there a group that we have not done yet that you would like to take?

7. Digital Education and Credibility tool use lessons: Collect or harvest best practices and success stories on how to utilize the MA media preview video before every meeting and the Digital education and Credibility tool. Put this on a GO NOW ACTION PLAN (SRS) session or a Video and tutorial.   There needs to be instructions on how to use it the NO-NO’s as well.

8. Tool and presentation on why we are not MLM or NWM and the difference and explanation of online shopping and tracking system with UnFranchise system and MPCP.  How it eliminates the problems in MLM and NWM and is actually the opposite and answer. This is comparable to the Digital Education and Credibility tool

9. Start videotaping the 90 DFT sessions and also some examples of the evaluations and no decision close and follow ups or trial runs by leaders in the field to put together a tutorial and explanation course on how and why this works and demonstrating it. This could be turned into a step by step series. This would allow us to reach a greater group of people and allow those that go through the 90-day process of the 90DFT to do it with their teams or new teams as an IMPRINTING LEAD GOOSE, or as a UFO leader.

Don’s Input:

This is so powerful!!  We are getting such great results so far and these enhancements and systematized things will be game changers in implementation and tracking. One other thing I’d like to throw in there is that for those leaders who have people in a “cooked leg” or leg over 5000 BV in their home country but have people in that leg that needs the help and support we could utilize the global unification US to UK strategy to give them an economic incentive to build in the leg again because it can increase their income in the UGCs. I personally love that strategy for those type of situations. It helps those complete their home centers while getting the leader to increase their income in a center via the UGC.


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