Beauty of Strength: Motives Honors Breast Cancer Survivors

I’d like to share with you a tremendously inspiring video series from Motives Cosmetics celebrating some amazing breast cancer survivors. For many people, a breast cancer diagnosis is a life changing event with an emotional and physical impact that’s hard to put into words. It’s devastating to receive that news, and even harder to cope with during the months & even years of treatment.  

Breast Cancer is not only a terrible physical affliction, but it’s also one of the toughest tests of human determination and emotional fortitude. Those who experience this are among the bravest and most inspiring people I’ve ever known. 

The Motives Cosmetics team wanted to do something special this month to honor some incredible breast cancer survivors in each of our market countries around the world, and the resulting video series is an incredible look at some amazing women from all over the globe who’ve overcome breast cancer with style, poise, grace, and beauty. These women were already beautiful souls, and the Motives makeovers they received highlighted and accentuated that fact!

Companies don’t make people special – people make companies special. I think that really applies here because the women in these videos are not only an important part of our company but also a source of incredible inspiration for everyone. Their positivity, perspective, strength, and determination are truly what make them beautiful – and I’m so glad Motives Cosmetics was able to highlight this and celebrate their remarkable stories. 

These women radiate stoic beauty and I think the Motives Cosmetics team did a great job of capturing that! This is what true beauty looks like…


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Motives Global Breast Cancer Awareness 2020