February 13th, 2020

Averee Whited: Continuing the Tradition of Entrepreneurism

Team, I’d like to share with you this wonderful message which communicates a dimension that is rarely realized or communicated. It is a home grown real American Family success & grassroots success story and a piece of the American pie if I ever saw one. I love this perspective on life and a multi-generation phenomenon of chasing one’s dream or freedom and the dimension it creates or impact it has on family and others. 

This success story is impactful & useful for families & parents with their kids in many ways including: encouraging their involvement or at least support and respect, the next generation considering the business, the younger demographic, college students, and anyone who wants to know why this business is different and great. It also influences the perception of others and paints an incredible story which is empowering and inspirational. Congratulations to Averee Whited for continuing the tradition of entrepreneurism!

Keep Growing 


Message from Averee Whited:

Dear JR and Loren,

For the first time in 23 years, I have attended an actual Market America conference as an official business owner. During the weekend, it struck me how incredibly blessed I am by this company.

A few months before I was born, my parents came across the concept of residual income through Market America. It was honestly the answer to a lot of prayers and gave hope to my family for a better future.

For most of their lives, my parents and grandparents were living paycheck to paycheck. My grandparents were getting older and didn’t have the hope of retirement. Their dream was to be able to travel and spend time with their growing number of grandchildren.

Market America provided a steady, residual income that they hadn’t even dreamed of attaining. It took a lot of work, growth, and honestly, humility to take a high school teacher and preschool teacher to become multi-six figure earners for over 20 years.

I never knew my grandparents to struggle financially or to be afraid due to their lack of money. During my life, they have lived out of abundance and incredible generosity. They have taken my entire family of 19 on multiple vacations. We have traveled to Hawaii, New York, Orlando (many times), California, Washington, Europe, Canada and many more! This would not have been possible without the incredible compensation plan of Market America.

When my parents started Market America, my mother was incredibly sick with her pregnancy with me and my father was working 100 hours a week at minimum wage jobs, plus donating plasma twice a week. My father could visualize a better future but without a formal education nor support from his family, he didn’t have the vehicle on his own to attain it.

I never knew my parents during this stage either. My parents are ones who live out of abundance and the belief that there is always more than enough. They were able to send my brother and I to prestigious schools and to give me the college education of my dreams. My mother was able to teach my brother and I the importance of following your dreams by pursuing her dream of being a singer. My parents were able to fulfill their desire of serving those less fortunate and to truly live out a Christ-like life as missionaries in Mexico. They were able to follow the calling God placed on their life by going to ministry school for two years. All of this was accomplished without the worry or even thought of income or finding a job. I have never known my parents to have a job.

My life has been extremely abnormal. My parents were able to attend every recital, game, show, and class function. They were there to pick me up from school every day and to enjoy a family dinner every night of my life. They had the time and the freedom to truly put family first. From eighth grade to the time I graduated high school, my parents did not have to work. I didn’t realize this was abnormal until I went to college. I remember being shocked when I talked with my college friends about how they grew up. Many of them had never traveled, nor were their parents present during every event of their lives. Mine were.

Not only were my parents able to be present and free of financial worry, they were also empowered and given hope by attending seminars, conventions, and workshops as well as transforming their minds with countless books and audios. Those ideas filled our home my entire life. What we present is the 2-3-year plan which inevitably becomes the 20-30-year plan of abundance that completely changes generations.

For all of this and so much more, thank you!

As I sat in the arena this past weekend, I was shocked. The people I call “Aunt” and “Uncle” are some of the top money earners in this company. They are also some of the kindest and wisest people I know. People like Sandi and Steve Rodriguez, Jackie Blasko, Tom Holden, Trinity and Cullen Haskins, Jacque Birchman, Shu Yang and Catherine Ma, Paul and Vickie Hildebrand, and so many more. I have actual family members who have also achieved the same such as Kelly Whited and Kay Mullen (Great-Aunt).

I have been so blessed.

I cannot even imagine my life without Market America. My parents and grandparents have been able to achieve an income that is not dependent on location, hours, or yearly schedule. It is solely based on their effort and the incredible design of the business plan. And not only them but also my brother who is about to have his first child. My little niece will be able to experience the incredible life and freedom that I have as well.

For all of this and so much more, thank you! I am blown away by this company and who you both are. I admire your tenacity and perseverance to make Market America what it is today. You have impacted more lives than you can count with its life-changing products and business model.

I have such hope for the future, and I am excited to have the same opportunity to bless my own children someday with the lifestyle that was given to me.

For all of this and so much more, thank you!

With much love and appreciation,

Averee Whited

My Reply to Averee:

Wow! What an amazing message! Thank you so much for this heart felt and perceptive message that is especially meaningful to us in that you have the most unique perspective of our movement, lifestyle, business and culture.  The fact that you went to the trouble to communicate this when you didn’t have to sounds the ‘gong’ of sincerity and truth.  I think Loren may have put it right in calling it a “Life Platform” at the conference which seemed to resonate.   You have very intelligently and gracefully articulated something that is difficult to communicate about the nature and effect of the business that is rarely commented on or understood.  However, it certainly is the heart of the matter! It is much more than money and products.  For us, or even your parents, or grandparents and/or brother and wife to make this statement might be misconstrued as self-serving  or self-proclaiming; but from your perspective it is a beautiful observation and acknowledgement.  Thank you for that! It is actually kind  of a ‘master piece’ of a statement and inside perception or perspective, from the inside of a fishbowl looking up and out at the world and saying what you have seen and experienced as an innocent bystander who was blessed by your parents and grand-parents passion.  They are the salt of the earth and what America is all about. There are no finer people. We were so blessed to have crossed paths and to have been brought together.

Please know that we think your parents are two of the coolest people in the world.  We have all the love and respect for them as well as your grandparents who both pioneered the way.  They were an iconic symbol or example and beacon light for others to follow and have positively impacted thousands of lives.  They made it believable. Your brother and his wife are a chip off the old block and rising stars leading the way for the next generation which is so much needed for the future. I hope you join them some day. It really has become a legacy program and your family is the best.

Residual income is what it is all about and your appreciation of it and putting it into a real-life context is remarkable and appreciated.  That “dream education”  your parents paid for, that you mentioned,  shows off well in your writing and ability to communicate a difficult to capture phenomenon and you did it the best I have ever seen.

This is so powerful I want to share it. It is very meaningful. I am so glad you finally came to World Conference and pray you will be at Convention.  It is amazing that your entire family is in the business and have helped make it what it is today!

Keep growing and thank you!
JR Ridinger


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  1. Paddy Hamill says:

    The Whited/Heikes family has been a blessing to everybody that they touch
    Happy to call them my friends
    Don’t tell Colton but I am not really his aunt…… even though they call me Aunt Paddy

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