Aneurysm Awareness: Loren’s Successful 5-Year Follow Up

Today was such a special day for Loren and I, as we celebrated the 5thanniversary of her successful aneurysm closing with a stent and coiling with another successful follow up exam at Mass General in Boston with Dr. Patel. Today’s angiogram reconfirmed the original treatment was successful with the site totally sealed with no other aneurysms or cerebral vascular pathology.

This whole process has really made us appreciate life even more and also made us realize how important it is to help raise awareness for aneurysms and their symptoms– because while Loren was proactive about her health fortunate to have this treated successfully, there are many who aren’t as fortunate.

We are so thankful for Loren’s health, and we feel God was watching out for us when he put us in Dr. Aman Patel’s capable hands. Dr. Patel is our hero neurosurgeon who performed her successful procedure, and in the time we’ve known him we’ve all grown to be friends as well. Just one more blessing on this journey called life.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger