February 26th, 2019

Your Guide to 300 IBV: Important Training Materials for Achieving SAMM

Becoming a Shopping Annuity Master Member (SAMM) should be the goal of each and every UnFranchise Owner. Not only does it make sense for your business but by becoming a SAMM you’re also converting spending into earning and leveraging the full potential of the Shopping Annuity. Being a SAMM can change your life, as well as your business, that’s why I’m so focused on educating everyone and helping them all achieve this important milestone along your journey to success.

UnFranchiseTraining.com has a wealth of information that can really help your business, and in particular, we have an Achieving SAMM file which provides a roadmap for success by providing you with weekly BV order examples to show you just how easy it is to generate 1500 BV/quarter and 300 IBV – just by following the plan and emulating these key examples…

This document is vital for the understanding of what it takes to Achieve SAMM, and I suggest everyone spend some time reviewing it for yourself as well as sharing it with your team. As you can see on the homepage of UnFranchise.com, our merchandizers have highlighted these crucial examples (including bundles) with prominent placement of the products you need to utilize for Achieve SAMM…

I’m also starting a new blog series which highlights the products being merchandized each week on UnFranchise.com so everyone understand their benefits as well as how they plug into your Shopping Annuity and ultimately help you achieve your UnFranchise goals. Stay tuned for more updates and more information to help you and your team achieve massive success and become SAMMs!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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