April 6th, 2020

Utilizing the Back-In-Stock Notification System on SHOP.COM

With skyrocketing demand on a global scale for so many products right now, ensuring you have access to the Market America products you want and need are a top priority for us. We understand our products are in demand now more than ever, and we’ve done a lot of work to maintain our supply chain to help meet this surge of demand. While we are going the extra mile to keep the supply chain going strong, we understand that occasionally our products will be out of stock – but fear not! 

As you can see on SHOP.com, you can now utilize our notification system to inform you when our products are back in stock. You can use this feature by simply entering your email address on the product pages for any of our exclusive brands which may happen to be out of stock… 

In addition to this wonderful new feature, you can also utilize our Recommended Alternatives – which are so on-point because they were all hand-picked by our Director of Clinical Research, Dr. Deedra Mason. We wanted to be sure our recommendations were better than anything an algorithm would generate – so we utilized Dr. Mason’s expertise to create these curated product alternatives for each of our products which may happen to be temporarily out of stock. 

Just another way we’re making it easy to connect people with product – even during times of skyrocketing demand!

Keep Growing! 

-JR Ridinger

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