July 8th, 2019

Understanding the Shopping Annuity with Don Martin

Team, I’d like to take a monument to share with you and excellent video from Don Martin where he really hits the bullseye while explaining the Shopping Annuity. I urge everyone to watch and use it – share it with your leaders and assimilate it and emulate it by making the same speech but in your own words and style! This is a talk that everyone should make to their team and share with everyone! 

The more people you have becoming SAMMs, the more checks you and your team will make on the IBV. We are adding higher % IBV every month to make it easier and better, with Super IBV, SABV, special promotions and featured products to get as much IBV as possible to cover the 10-20-30 accrual option and 300 IBV SAMM! Then you can use SHOP.COM and partner stores for other things you have to buy so you get more IBV credit — it is icing on the cake because you are already qualifying as SAMM. The SAMM and IBV plan are all about earning checks now while saving money! 

What will happen over the next year or two? There will be 100 highest demand, necessity & consumable products with lower cost and highest IBV of 20- 30%, rather than 0% to 10%. That means that the same $1000 per month or the $3000 quarter that you already spend will yield 400 IBV to 600 IBV (20%) which means it takes less people or UFO’s qualifying for SAMM to earn IBV checks in the MPCP monthly and then weekly and when one duplicates it maxing out every cycle with another $1500 per week or a total of $3600 per week per BDC! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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