November 7th, 2018

Three Ways the Shopping Annuity is Revolutionizing eCommerce

When we started Market America in 1992, ecommerce was still just an idea in its infancy. But even then, we saw the tremendous potential it held. As technology evolved and the digital revolution grew – that idea quickly became a brilliant reality which forever changed the retail landscape. eCommerce represents the future of retail, and to get the most out of the present-day retailers are constantly searching for options which increase profit margins while also making their customers happy. It’s a delicate balance which must be struct with any good business, and to see it manifest properly takes forward thinking, planning, a great shopping experience, and great products, goods, or services. When we think of advancements and improvements within eCommerce, we typically imagine things like search updates, platform and interface improvements, page load time improvements, and things that generally tighten up the user experience and ultimately create a better shopping platform.

While these types of innovations are obviously crucial for any retailer in the digital age, I tend to look beyond the systems that create a great ecommerce experience and consider our role in the greater economy. As the founder of Market America, I serve as the visionary of our company – guiding the core direction of our business as we chart a course through new waters in the ecommerce industry. It’s my role to see the big picture and to identify opportunities for us to impact the market while also staying true to our core mission of providing an incredible entrepreneurial opportunity through the UnFranchise. Over the years we refined and perfected our business model – and in the process we’ve developed the perfect concept that helps entrepreneurs and consumers leverage their collective buying power to help convert their spending into earning. It may sound like economic alchemy, but it’s real. We call it the Shopping Annuity – and it’s changing the face of eCommerce.


Three Ways the Shopping Annuity is Revolutionizing eCommerce:


We’re transforming the process of shopping into an opportunity to earn money. Most people are familiar with banking annuities, where you invest a large sum of money up front which pays you gradually over time. What sets our Shopping Annuity apart from a common annuity is that this income stream utilizes ecommerce and everyday spending to achieve what a normal annuity does with massive sums of money invested. With the Shopping Annuity there’s no up-front cost; it’s simply fueled by the money you spend on the things you already need to buy anyway. It’s a smarter and more efficient use of your money which allows you to convert spending into earning through our robust cashback program which has already paid consumers over $40 million. Let’s face it, in the modern age everyone is a consumer one way of the other – we all use goods and services as a part of our daily lives, but by converting a portion of that spending into earning you’re able to build a Shopping Annuity. When you couple the Shopping Annuity with our UnFranchise entrepreneurial opportunity – that’s when the magic of residual income happens!

The Shopping Annuity is changing the way people shop. We want everyone to enjoy the Shopping Annuity – so we’ve made it very easy to identify different areas of your spending which you can convert into earning. The best way to learn how the Shopping Annuity can have a dynamic impact on your life is to take our Shopping Annuity Assessment. This assessment will evaluate your spending habits and highlight different ways your spending can be converted into earning – just by shopping smarter! You don’t spend more money, you simply buy from brands which include you in the profit margin! The Shopping Annuity has taken years to refine and develop, and we are continuously seeking to “Uberize” the Shopping Annuity by making it bigger better and easier to use – the same way Uber revolutionized the taxi industry without owning a single taxi! Uber was a truly groundbreaking idea, and we feel the Shopping Annuity has the propensity to become an even bigger concept because it branches out into every aspect of your spending. By leveraging your buying power and converting spending into earning you’ve empowered yourself as a consumer by reclaiming your piece of the profit margin!

The Shopping Annuity is a new form of income at the right place and the right time. The average debt for the typical U.S. household is climbing – with student loans, credit cards, and mortgages representing the bulk of this debt. What makes this situation even more complex is the fact that the whole concept of work is evolving right now. In the modern “gig” economy people are looking for alternative sources of income that fits their lifestyle while allowing them to be their own boss. People need new income options, and the Shopping Annuity allows everyone to tap into the power of ecommerce, digital aggregation, and collective buying power. The concept of making money by spending money may sound absurd to some, but then again so did the concept of shopping online at one point. By utilizing our revolutionary tracking system we’re able to connect people economically and give the power back to the consumer. Our system rewards shoppers by putting a portion of the money they spend back into their pockets.

The choice is simple… individuals can simply continue to shop from retail establishments without grabbing their piece of the profit margin or they can build their Shopping Annuity and get paid to shop! To me, it’s a no-brainer!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



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