February 13th, 2019

Summary of SA, SAMM & IBV Announcements and Wins

During World Conference Marc Ashley introduced some amazing updates and enhancements to the business which created a huge buzz, and I wanted to make sure everyone was clear about these exciting improvements and solutions for the Shopping Annuity, SAMM, IBV plan, and MPCP. There was utter pandemonium over this at MAWC2019 in Miami, so I suggest you use these topics to wake your team up and spark action because it will ultimately cause a spike in IBV and people earning checks.

MAWC2019 was such a phenomenal event that we’ve been flooded with positive feedback, and much of it is related to these exciting announcements. If you’re ready to start over on the MA stopwatch or start a goose procession you’ll want to take advantage of the new products with higher IBV, lower cost, and free shipping to hit the new 300 IBV/qtr. SAMM requirement (rather than $1000). It makes the 10-20-30 an absolute no-brainer on AutoShip!

This PowerPoint says it all and is a great way to review this topic quickly so your team understands the updates and improvements to the business. CLICK HERE to access the PPT which covers this. I suggest you save the PowerPoint to review and share with your team. This is going to energize our business like nothing else so stay ahead of the curve by reviewing this crucial material from World Conference!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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