January 23rd, 2019

Shopping Annuity Razors: You Voted & We Shipped Them Today!

What sets our business apart from others is the fact that we wield our collective buying power – and we’ve taken that concept to the next level with the introduction of Shopping Annuity Brand products. In fact, as a result of our voting (pre-ordering) process, you’ve flexed your Collective Buying Power muscle by helping us create Shopping Annuity Brand Razors– which we just SHIPPED TODAY!!!

By casting your votes (pre-orders), you’ve led to new Shopping Annuity Brand products including hand soap, hand sanitizer, deodorant, toothpaste, sunscreen and now, a line of razors and razor blades for men and women. Your votes (pre-orders) matter; participation has expanded the Shopping Annuity Brand and expanded our ability to convert spending into earning.

If you voted (pre-ordered), your Shopping Annuity Brand Razor products shipped today!!!  The products are also available for regular ordering as well. Login to unfranchise.com to place your order and/or add to an AutoShip!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Product Name: UC BV
Shopping Annuity Brand Performance Razor System for Men – 1 Handle + 2 Cartridges 6.99 3
Shopping Annuity Brand Performance Razor Cartridges – Pack of 4 6.99 4
Shopping Annuity Brand Disposable Razors for Men – Pack of 3 5.99 3
Shopping Annuity Brand Disposable Razors for Women – Pack of 3 5.99 3



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