May 29th, 2019

Pre-Orders of Shopping Annuity Brand Baby Wipes Ship Today

The Shopping Annuity Brand continues to grow as we identify key areas of spending which serve as a perfect fit for the brand and business. This brand is a representation of your collective buying power as UnFranchise Owners, As a direct result of your input and UnFranchise Owners, and for wielding your collective buying power – I’m happy to announce that the Shopping Annuity Brand Baby Wipes and Flushable Wipes are shipping today! 

UnFranchise® Owners have been participating in a powerful Collective Buying Power initiative that has resulted in new Shopping Annuity Brand Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Deodorant, Toothpaste, razors and razor blades for men and women, Sunscreen, Coffee and now, Shopping Annuity Brand Flushable & Baby Wipes.

If you voted (pre-ordered), your Flushable & Baby Wipes ship today. The product will become available for regular ordering soon. Log in to to place your order and/or add to an AutoShip.  Congratulations on flexing your Collective Buying Power!!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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