August 2nd, 2019

New Survey: General Household Products

Team, we’ve got another tremendous opportunity to share our opinion and help determine what products we bring to market with our new Product Survey. This survey focuses on general household products such as batteries, cleaners, and other items you’d typically find in your medicine cabinet. 

With International Convention next week – this is the perfect time to wield our collective buying power and to share your input in this utterly crucial process. This survey is available in all market counties, the links for which you’ll find listed below. This survey will run through now and August 23rd– so be sure to complete this survey yourself while also sharing this information with your fellow UnFranchise Owners. 

The more people who take this survey – the more complete picture we’ll ultimately be able to paint. It only takes a few minutes to complete, so join us by sharing your input and opinion! This is a crucial part of the product development process and an excellent opportunity to have your voice be heard! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

General Product Survey (Country-Specific):

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