July 3rd, 2019

New Partner Stores on SHOP.COM: 7/3

Partner stores on SHOP.COM can be an absolutely tremendous source of IBV and provide you with another great opportunity to fuel your Shopping Annuity with the products you love. Partner stores can really help your UnFranchise, so have a look below and the newest Partner Stores on SHOP.COM – be sure to share this with your team and customers! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

New Partner Stores: 

  • Shoebacca – OneCart (UFO: 8.8% IBV, Customer: 4% IBV | 2% Cashback) Shoebacca is a full-scale online retail footwear company dedicated to helping customers and their families lead active, healthy lifestyles.
  • BOBBI + BRICKA – OneCart (UFO: 13.2% IBV, Customer: 5% IBV | 3% Cashback) BOBBI + BRICKA believes fashion should be amazing and affordable. All the items you see from the store are designer clothing, straight out of famous stores, at 60% – 90% off the department store price.
  • OnePlus (UFO: 2% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 0% Cashback) 
    Created around the “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with the premium build quality and high-performance hardware.
  • iBedding (UFO: 11% IBV, Customer: 3% IBV | 5% Cashback) 
    iBedding offers personalized custom and theme bedding sets.
  • The Baby Room (UFO: 2% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 0% Cashback) 
    The Baby Room is an independent retailer of luxury brands for babies and children.
  • Tiny Devotions (UFO: 16.5% IBV, Customer: 6% IBV | 7% Cashback) 
    Exquisite malas designed to support your intentions and devotions.
  • Zkaka (UFO: 22% IBV, Customer: 8% IBV | 10% Cashback) 
    Zkaka is dedicated to satisfying customers, serving every follower who is passionate about art and dance, advocating the new concepts of dancewear, and making and creating an international dancewear brand.
  • TrekPow (UFO: 7.7% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 3% Cashback) 
    TrekPow is committed to providing the most comprehensive services on automotive electronics technology and becoming the best companion on the road for its customers across the globe.
  • Bomaker (UFO: 7.7% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 3% Cashback) 
    Bomaker strives to bring the finest audio-visual enjoyment and most authentic interactive experience to its customers on a global basis.
  • ABOX (UFO: 7.7% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 3% Cashback) 
    ABOX focuses on a range of electric and electronic products allocated in the areas of home theater, home appliance, personal care, home therapy electronics and office electronics.
  • Neato Robotics (UFO: 5% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 2% Cashback) 
    Neato Robotics is a technology and market leader in home robots that improve people’s lives.
  • Anatomie (UFO: 11% IBV, Customer: 3% IBV | 5% Cashback) 
    Anatomie’s collection draws inspiration from the most highly regarded European fashion houses and is designed to flatter the female form in a way that bespeaks class, elegance and style.
  • Ben Soleimani (UFO: 6.6% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 2% Cashback) 
    Ben Soleimani is a home brand dedicated to providing original designs, exceptional service and unprecedented pricing for the quality.
  • Blue Ocean Marine Supply (UFO: 5% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 2% Cashback) 
    Blue Ocean Marine Supply boasts direct relationships with top brands in the marine and outdoor recreational industry, a massive catalogue of products to choose from and more than 30 years of industry knowledge.
  • Crystal Travel (UFO: 9% IBV, Customer: 9% IBV | 0% Cashback) 
    Crystal Travel is a 31-year-old online travel agency that specializes in cheap flights and discounted airline tickets to the top travel destinations anywhere in the world.
  • International Tool (UFO: 2% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 0% Cashback) 
    International Tool is your one-stop shop for power and hand tools that support professional contractors, homeowners, and hobbyists/DIYers.
  • LARQ (UFO: 8.8% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 4% Cashback) 
    LARQ is an innovative new water bottle to help you enjoy pure water from a clean bottle.
  • Sixity (UFO: 8.25% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 4% Cashback) 
    Sixity Powersports helps diehard ATV, motorcycle and snowmobile riders find affordable and awesome replacement parts for their machines.
  • Spreetail (UFO: 6% IBV, Customer: 2% IBV | 2% Cashback) 
    Spreetail offers customers the best selection of products for their backyard, garage and home with free one- to two-day shipping, free returns, and incredibly friendly 24/7 customer service.

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