February 14th, 2019

MAWC2019: A Closer Look at the Imprinting Analogy

There’s been so much buzz about the “Chickens, Ducks, and Geese” analogy from MAWC2019 that I created some mini lessons or explanations to help further explain this important topic. I’ve included download links for two very important PowerPoint presentations which will help everyone understand that the same principles which make imprinting such a powerful survival trait in nature also explains the importance of imprinting/duplicating the right things within your UnFranchise organization:

The full Imprinting PowerPoint presentation is important because it provides a complete overview of two related topics: Imprinting, and the Lessons Learned from Successful “Geese.” This is an excellent resource for UFO leaders to share with their teams to help everyone understand how imprinting within nature works and how these principles relate to UnFranchise success.

I’ve also included this video below which houses the full Imprinting segment from MAWC2019, and is a great resource to review along with the PowerPoint above. This video is incredible because it essentially provides the same experience as someone attending World Conference, with presentation information spliced in. This is essentially the complete Imprinting lesson in video form including Lessons Learned from Successful Geese, and serves as another crucial training resource for UFOs…

I’ve also included a second, shorter version of the Imprinting video which you’ll find below. This video is about 12 minutes shorter than the full Imprinting video, and thus makes it conducive to sharing online. While this second video lacks the Lessons Learned from Successful Geese, it still serves as a useful resource for UnFranchise Owners. I suggest sharing both videos on social media…

Imprinting is the natural phenomenon found in fowl that serves as evolution’s way to ensure the right habits and behaviors are learned by the next generation. Imprinting is a result of genetics and is required for the bird to succeed and even determines how well they do in life. This imprinting process is also identical to what happens to someone when they come into the business (right or wrong) and affects what they do and duplicate.  It is difficult to change once it’s been imprinted.

If you weren’t at MAWC2019 I suggest you review the full Imprinting PowerPoint presentation and accompanying video explains the parallels between imprinting in nature and our business and shows why duplicating the right things matter so much. We imprint just as chickens, ducks or geese do!

It’s all about starting a new goose procession that leads them at the end of the season to fly and migrate majestically in a “V” or binary formation (requiring 70% less effort) 1000 to 2000 miles. This is done by incorporating the following techniques or behaviors:

  1. List of 100 acquaintances and calling 2 per week using evaluation approach. 2 calls/wk. x 52wks. = 108 = 8 “go now’s”
  2. Using the evaluation approach or trial size approach to see if they know the right people. (we do not want to ‘sign up’ or ‘get in’ anyone who cannot lead to anyone right for the business or customers
  3. 2 to 3 yr., plan qualification in order to see the plan
  4. No decision close.  They must see it 3 times to qualify to try out.
  5. Trial run (and lead to others evaluating it to see if they know the right people)
  6. Follow ups at every meeting within a week in their location.
  7. Must be done as a team with senior partner and each new possibility on the team.
  8. Do not let the process from person to person and house to house break or stop for 90 days,
  9. Do not ‘sign them up’ until they have led to people to evaluate it or customers
  10. We do the sign up all at once, usually for 3 to 15 people, and it takes 1.5 hours one time rather than 10 = 15 hours! LOL and one or more earns a check.

This starts a goose procession “honking” and ready to take flight in the V formation resulting in residual income. 

I’ve also included another PowerPoint titled Imprinting Conclusion: Lessons Learned from Successful Geese, which shows the results and impact of imprinting the right things then duplicating that successfully. This  presentation serves as a powerful conclusion to the Imprinting lesson and illustrates what happens when you imprint and duplicate successfully. It’s another important perspective to understand and helps complete the analogy.

The UnFranchise Business is designed to soar effieciently with the binary/binomial V-formation the same way geese do. It works in nature and also works in the business. The concepts presented here can have a huge impact on you and your team’s success, so be sure to share this with your fellow UFOs!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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