August 10th, 2018

#MAIC2018: The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity has always been the primary focus of our business, and as that idea has evolved with the technology – it’s only grown more powerful.

Digital aggregation is such an important part of this because it helps us harness our muscle and collective buying power through data which allows us to find commonalities and trends we can leverage to create better products with better margins. It’s about identifying needs and addressing them with better products with lower prices and Super IBV!

You’ve already played a huge role through our collective buying power voting process and as a result we’re bringing out some incredible products. So where is this headed?  I want it to become our culture and systemize it into the UnFranchise way of life where it is automatic. Every Month there will be nominating, narrowing through polling and voting by ordering. Not only do YOU decide what products become SABV products to make it easy to qualify for the SAMM at 500BV per month while paying less, but you can find and nominate products.

The magic day and explosion of the Shopping Annuity will come when it is easy to get everything you buy (identified in the Shopping Annuity Assessment) and it is “matched” or found for you at the lowest price and highest IBV. You buy the same things but at lower prices – saving money while getting higher BV or IBV.

The challenge is determining the best deals or what YOU individually and collectively want and will buy. YOU know what you buy and what the best deals are. THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE TO PARTICPATE AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN BY VOTING! You and your team nominate products monthly and/or we show you what we found – and we narrow it by voting first.  The winners are then put up to buy with the stated price and number of units needed to order.  It’s like a team game, competition and campaign with a goal and you can see the numbers climb online. When we collectively hit the number, the product comes out and is shipped to everyone (at which point your CC is charged).

THIS MEANS YOU ARE IN CONTROL AND CAN CAUSE ANY PRODUCT YOU WANT TO BE OFFERED WITH THE LOWEST PRICE AND HIGHEST BV, SABV, IBV OR what we are calling SUPER IBV.  “SUPER IBV” is where the numbers are high enough that we take the product in house instead of using affiliate marketing OR we go direct to the manufacturer rather than stores, partners, or affiliates.

This is the future of the Shopping Annuity and it’s going to absolutely change the world to such a degree that everyone will wonder how they ever went without it! So the question is, are you ready to build a new economy with me through the Shopping Annuity?

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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