August 11th, 2018

#MAIC2018: The Shopping Annuity Has Landed

I hope this weekend has been impactful and informative for everyone here at the 2018 Market America International Convention! Has it sparked that billionth of a volt? Are you getting it? We each hold the keys to the most dynamic business in the world! No one has what we have:

  • Monetized network
  • Universal Shopping Cart
  • Everything that people buy (products)
  • Shopping Annuity Assessment that matches people to product and product to people
  • Financial vehicle to convert residual income = MPCP
  • Tracking system

The best part is, we continue to uberize the Shopping Annuity with new products the help everyone convert spending into earning with everyday items! You play a huge role in this and will continue to do so with our collective buying power voting process. That’s something that makes our business so unique – you play an active role in determining what super IBV products we develop!

Data also plays a vital role in our ability to leverage digital aggregation and when you couple that with the Shopping Annuity Assessment it helps us to automate and systemize the entire process. I envision a day where this will be so refined and so perfected and so common that it’s taken for granted the same way we take for granted the fact we can search for anything with Google!

People thought Kennedy was crazy when he proclaimed we’d put a man on the moon. They thought it was impossible, the they proved it could be done and executed. The crazy ones are always the ones to change the world. The Shopping Annuity also began as a bold mission in an age where online shopping was just an idea – but over the decades we’ve seen the technology finally catch up to our original vision. In short, the Shopping has landed!!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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