September 5th, 2019

Leveraging the Shopping Annuity to Earn IBV Checks this Quarter!

Team, I’d like to share with you some great information that explains more about the nuances of utilizing the Shopping Annuity to hit IBV checks faster than ever before. It accompanies our new Shopping Annuity Overview video which is an absolutely crucial resource for UnFranchise Owners. 

Have you watched it yet? It’s an incredible tool to help educate your team and ultimately help everyone earn IBV checks faster. Here’s the bottom line:

Number of UFO SAMM’s qualifying at 300IBV in order to earn IBV MPCP Commission Checks

Based on $3000 spending per quarter at 10% avg. IBV = 300IBV/qtr.

$1000 spending per Month at 10% avg. IBV = 100 IBV/Mo.

Green column is how many UFOs are needed for a UFO to hit check on team. Orange are the higher numbered of UFO required to hit multiple times a monthly (2 -4 times per month or weekly)

The point is that the same $ spending ($3000 per quarter) the number of UFO’s hitting SAMM is high at 300 IBV BUT ½ OR 50% OF THAT AT 600IBV SPENDING OR COSTING THE SAME $3000 WHICH IS SHOWN BELOW   WITH 600IBV AS SAMM REQUIRMENT OR 20% IBV.  If we are able to get 50 to 100 needed items at 20% IBV this becomes possible. The key is having enough necessity IBV items that they can easily hit the 10-20-30 and $3000 spend = 600IBV rather than 300 IBV. That does not require buying or spending more as it is the same amount with higher IBV so the SAMM requirement is made higher. That will result in more people hitting checks. That will cause momentum and duplication. We would work to gradually increase- first 300 to 400, then 500, then 600 and maybe even get to 750 IBV.

See the next chart showing what happens when the Same $3000 of spending equals 600IBV!

Number of UFO SAMMs qualifying at 600IBV to earn IBV MPCP Commission Checks

Based on SAME $3000 spending per quarter at 20% avg. IBV = 600 IBV/qtr. $1000 spending per Month at 20% avg. IBV = 200 IBV/Mo

  • How realistic or easy is it to earn monthly IBV commission checks in the MPCP.
  • First, they need to earn monthly – but the ultimate objective should be weekly- Right?  (just like the BV plan)
  • The Big Goal or purpose should be to eventually max it out on an organization at $1500 per week so they max out on BV and IBV combined at $3600/wk. — Right?
  • We know that is done frequently and realistically in the MPCP for BV. Here is why it should be possible in the IBV plan using the SAMM as a building block.
    • We teach doing base 10 x 7 strong and basic 5 doing BV a month with 10 to 25 x $50 per month. That would be well over 400BV per month and we have a significant number do 400BV per month personally.
    • The average number of UFO’s doing it reported to qualify for weekly maximum earnings on BV is 25 to 50 UFO’s doing 400BV. That results in cycling 2 to 4 times a month at $1500 to $2100.  Duplicate it with a Master cycling on each side = $2100 per week. They have the people in place to earn IBV too.
    • The same number of UFO’s doing 300IBV would result in people earning weekly IBV checks from $300 per month to a high of 2 weeks per month at earning $1500.  (Cycling and hitting $1500 2ce a month)
    • The objective is to increase the number of people earning IBV checks and eventually maxing out at $1500 per cycle by duplicating it below like is done in the BV plan.
    • The theory is that if they have the UFO’s doing BV and earning BV checks- it should also be able to happen on approximately the same number of people in the IBV plan.
    • At 300 IBV at 10% it is a reach and not that realistic.  We need more products and the number of UFO’s doing it that it takes needs to be brought down to fewer in order to make it more realistic and easier to earn faster on fewer people.
      • The way to do this is to have 100 products that most people order monthly or quarterly that will equal 600IBV for the same $3000 spend. That is 20% IBV.  The IBV SA plan (and SAMM) is based at 10% IBV now and 300IBV on the same spend.
      • Right now (currently) we do not have enough 10% to 20% products to reach it easily without over stocking up (at least that is the belief or perception). We are however making progress and I bang the gong constantly.
      • I believe 20% IBV is realistic and on some items 25%-30% can be achieved.
      • 20% or 600 IBV is a goal that is achievable.
      • It will result in many UFO’s earning IBV checks and makes it feasible for most top earners maxing out at $1500 per week or $3600 combined BV and IBV on MPCP.
        • OBJECTIVE and OVERALL GOAL:  The higher the IBV SAMM requirement THE FEWER UFO’S IT TAKES TO EARN and the easier it is to do. More people will earn IBV checks.  
        • The key to this is to have enough high demand consumable products or services that are easy to find and order (put   templates, bundles, curated list to just click and order). 
        • This works because it requires LESS people or UFO’s qualifying to reach the IBV levels to earn.
        • The higher the IBV and the higher the SAMM threshold on IBV for the SAME spend or amount of money – the easier it is to hit the pay thresholds in the MPCP requiring fewer UFOs doing it to hit the payout levels. If one is already earning BV checks and have the active UFO’s – they should also be able to hit IBV thresholds to earn checks on their spending because they already have the people or organization!
      • The objective is to earn IBV checks. By reaching the SAMM and duplicating UFO’s start earning IBV checks. I am not sure why people do the SAMM and if it is for free shipping as there is no (SABP); but the reason should be to climb the IBV MPCP scale and earn checks converting spending into earning. The ore people doing it the easier it is to earn checks. Allowing IBV over 300 to roll over to the next quarter may dilute the buildup of IBV for commission checks.  My plan is to have more higher % IBV products (100) that are no brainers and everyone orders FIRST in order to qualify doe 10-20-30 and SAMM then to order other items they might need to save money and get some IBV,  With more people doing it and exceeding  300IBV with the SAME $1000 per month or $3000 per month spending will be higher than 10% IBV and is already possible to do 15% to 20% which means the IBV level for SAMM should go up to 400IBV, then 500IBV and within a year 600IBV so  with more people hitting it spending the same money will result in MORE people earning checks faster! THE REASON for doing the SAMMSHOULD BE EARNING COMMISSION CHECKS AND RESIDUAL INCOME!
      • GOALS:
        • 1stGoal – This year: 50 TO 100 Necessity consumables highly demanded item 20% IBV allowing for bundles, or sample orders to qualify for 10-20-30 accrual option and the 300 IBV SAMM = approximately $3000 quarterly spend
        • 2ndGoal – Next year: On the same $3000 spend – enough items at 15% IBV to make the SAMM realistically 400IBV
        • 3rdGoal – 1-2 Years: On the same $3000 spend -enough items at 20% IBV to make the SAMM realistically 600IBV (Examples of this are in the chart above)
        • 4thGoal – 2 Years: On same $3000 spend – enough items at 25% IBV to make the SAMM realistically 750IBV—25% someday would be 750IBV.  
      • HOW? How do you accomplish this? More people participating and doing volume converting spending into earning to hit checks helps.  But we can discuss some ideas and targets that I think we have not explored or exploited. I hope and think that there are opportunities in the area of travel, pick up centers, continuity sales, loading cards, etc. that might open up new channels of higher IBV.

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