March 14th, 2019

Fuel Your Shopping Annuity with Super IBV Products

Super IBV Products are another critical step in the evolution of our company as we continue to make the Shopping Annuity bigger, better, and easier than ever before. One of the most exciting and impactful segments from World Conference was when Marc shared some great info about these Super IBV products…

Super IBV products are everyday household products you use every day, and represent another huge piece of the puzzle as a crucial source of IBV for your business. The best part is these since we save money by not repackaging/relabeling these products, we pass that savings directly to you with significant IBV values ranging from 40-50%. Talk about a game-changer!!!

A special thanks to our very own Superman, Marty Weissman, for helping make these Super IBV products a reality! We’re making the IBV compensation plan even more empowering with great products that help drive your growth with this IBV engine – and Super IBV products are a big part of that!! Get yours today on

The products that are now available include:

Extra Strength Pain Reliever

Code: 2701IBV| UC: $3.99 | 50% IBV

Allergy Relief

Code: 2703IBV| UC: $4.99 | 60% IBV

Dr. Brite Natural Whitening Mouthwash

Code: 2704IBV| UC: $7.99 | 37.5% IBV

Dr. Brite Natural Breath Freshener Spray

Code: 2706IBV| UC: $5.99 | 33% IBV

Dr. Brite Natural Kids Mouth Spray

Code: 2705IBV| UC: $7.99 | 37.5% IBV

Dr. Brite Teeth Whitening Pen

Code: 2708IBV| UC: $29.95 | 40% IBV

Dr. Brite Natural Kids Toothpaste with Vitamin C

Code: 2707IBV| UC: $7.99 | 37.5% IBV

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