February 8th, 2018

Available NOW: Shopping Annuity Premium Natural Toothpaste

This business is all about converting spending into earning, and right now we stand at an important crossroads in the evolution of our company. We’ve taken the Shopping Annuity to a whole new level by giving you – UnFranchise Owners – the ability to share your input and help determine which products we develop to help address different areas of spending which had previously been missed opportunities.

During last year’s International Convention, we asked our UnFranchise family to vote on the products they needed to help fuel their Shopping Annuity, and the results were clear. UFO’s asked for Shopping Annuity Toothpaste, and we delivered!



The people have spoken, and as a result of your feedback from our Shopping Annuity Survey – we are very excited to introduce the first Shopping Annuity branded product: Shopping Annuity Premium Natural Toothpaste! Just like all of our exclusive products, this new toothpaste is made of only the finest ingredients – and I really think our product development team and Marty Weissman really hit a home run with this new product.

Products like Shopping Annuity Premium Natural Toothpaste represent the next step in the evolution of the Shopping Annuity as we continue to make it easier than ever to convert spending into earning with items you need and use every day. Not many people get paid to brush their teeth, but that’s essentially what happens with Shopping Annuity Toothpaste!

I personally made the switch to our new Shopping Annuity Toothpaste and I love it. I’ve thrown out all my Crest (negative product) and switched to a brand that pays me! I brush my teeth about 5 times a day now and my whole team gets paid when I buy more toothpaste – what a great way to reinforce brushing your teeth!

We are all part of something bigger and are connected economically. By voting last year with our Shopping Annuity Survey you helped spark the creation of a brand new exclusive product – Shopping Annuity Toothpaste. Now you need to vote again by dropping your old brand like a bad habit (it is) and purchasing our Shopping Annuity Premium Natural Toothpaste!

This is a new era for our company and we all have a chance to help make it a successful one by supporting our exclusive brands which supercharge the Shopping Annuity. This is the evolution of one-to-one marketing and just shows type of power we have with digital aggregation and collective buying power. By polling people and discovering what they want, we’ve been able to address a direct need for UFOs while helping them unlock a whole new way to convert spending into earning – all while protecting their pearly whites!

Remember – it’s about reprograming your brain and taking actions which will help you reach your goals. We don’t often think of something as mundane as brushing our teeth as being something which can help our business, but the truth is –  success in this business is made up of continual, small efforts. It’s just like completing daily, weekly, and monthly goals to hit new UnFranchise Levels.

When it’s all said and done, our success boils down to what we all do on a daily basis. We all brush our teeth every day, but if you’re not using Shopping Annuity Toothpaste then you’re missing out on an easy opportunity to convert spending into earning. It’s about having the UnFranchise DNA and thinking more about the different ways you can incorporate the Shopping Annuity into your own life. It doesn’t get an easiest than this!

Who needs the tooth fairy when you’re essentially paying yourself to brush your teeth with Shopping Annuity Premium Natural Toothpaste?!? Order yours today on UnFranchise.com and become a product of the product!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



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